21 – j. fisher текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

just turned 21
childhood is over
smoking’ on the blunt
sippin’ on a soda
b*tch, i’m bout to write my raps
b*tch, i’m bout to f*ckin’ blow up
f*ck n*ggas gotta pass up the controller
f*ck n*ggas gotta wait until you’re older
f*ck n*ggas gotta get up out the way
j. fisher bout to pull up in the spot
deadfjsh about to catch a f*ckin’ case
f*ck n*ggas wanna put you in a box
f*ck with me ’cause ya know my sh*t is hot
f*ggletron*3000 on the beat
bag of gold bond power on the heat
splash of ice cold water in ya face

old enough to drank (so what)
old enough to smoke (so what)
old to think (so what)
old enough to grow up (so what)
old enough to change (so what)
old enough to know (so what)
young enough to gain (so what)
young enough to blow up (so what)

- j fisher текст песни