20k – j.i the prince of n.y текст песни

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never felt so much neglection
we walk around my hood like i don’t never need protection
stood inside my lane, y’all tried to f*ck up my direction
broke too many mirrors tryna f*ck up my reflection
i know y’all stressing
you was like my dawg, we was never on the same sh*t
rocked the same clothes, but we ain’t never f*cked the same b*tch
they tryna tell me that i rap about the same sh*t
because i stood by what i said and i ain’t changed sh*t
twеnty thousand in your pockets make you sag differеnt
they gon’ treat you outta pocket when your bag different
when these bullets hit your body, you gon laugh different
every time i show you love you think i’m ass*kissing
i done showed you too much love for you to act different
i put diamonds on your neck and made you brag different
i’m the reason why you brag different never had a good enough reason to act different
i’ll make you cry because i like the way you look when you do it
fed you lies, but i was never tryna make you look stupid
‘posed to be my b*tch ’cause she wasn’t on the same sh*t
you be on my body, always trippin’ off the same sh*t
broke your heart a bunch of times, i thought you was painless
f*ck you off a percocet, i be movin’ dangerous
i know you ain’t perfect, but i treat you like my favorite
every day i wake up and i still be on that same sh*t
never had a good enough reason to act different
i put money on that body, now ya ass different you ain’t never had no n*gga make you brag different
f*ck you good, i’m not concerned about your last n*gga
f*ck you doin’ always bringin’ up your past n*gga?
mov— movin’ outta pocket, tryna treat me like a bad n*gga
i got too much in my pockets so these n*ggas know i sag different
never had a good enough reason to act different

- j i the prince of n y текст песни