0 to 100 remix – j knockz текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, i’m ’bout to snap on this one (yeah)
no wait, that’s not what i wanted to say. stop that mug

0 to 100 homie, real quick
i ain’t never falling off regardless if you feel this
you can keep on doubting, but i told you i’ma k!ll this
future bright, so i gotta focus like i’m will smith (yeah)
i ain’t never backing down, i got the lord homie
always ready for the battle, got the sword on me
you can go ahead and try to step
but you won’t be ready for what is next
you can’t stand against the one i rep (nah)
i’m in a war with all my demons
always seeming like they scheming in the dark and never leaving
deceiving and eating, depleting my soul until i’m beaten (ugh)
i’m bleeding but not defeated cause i got jesus (yeah)
he’s the living water, he won’t ever let us down
i know its hard to fight the fear
when you have some doubts (doubts)
tryna figure out what life’s about
and why we always seem to drown
we ain’t floating in the water, we keep tryna swim around (yeah)
but that ain’t never gonna work
we can’t do this on our own cause we gonna end up submerged
god designed the universe and created us from dirt
knew our worth before our birth
that’s why his son went through the worst (yeah, preach)
even after what we did, he chose to save us
he could have got off that cross
and brought an army down to save him (yeah)
but he didn’t, he gave up his life for us, that’s why i praise him
and i’m never going back to sin, on a daily i slay it
0 to 100, he got out that grave. he arose and conquered death
and paid the debt we should have paid
shed his blood so he could save all who call upon his name
he will show you grace regardless of the stain you have made
(for real) he wants you to come as you

- j knockz текст песни