thugz mansion acoustic freestyle – jag текст песни

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[verse 1: chubby jag]
i’ve been dreaming a lot, clearly can taste the deal
i got the drive now, i learned how to face the wheel
thought i could run from the fake and still erase the real
bring me back to when n-ggas needed a place to chill
i mean place to live, i was that double house
chefin’ form, i finally found me a hustle out
man i done been through it all holmes, i’ve been in debt
for stupid sh-t, i just wish i’d knew how to been the best
i’ve been a vet, i done slept with models that’s been in jet
yea i just wish them numbers i got would’ve been a check
but i don’t regret sh-t, i know where i came from
seen a lot of sh-t growing up and i ain’t changed none
n-ggas a hate on your dreams and try to gas you
jakes gon’ turn their face the other way and try to p-ss you
l.a. n-gga, just don’t let the streets attack you
the lifestyle, when n-ggas bang cause they have to
everybody making a movie, but they just out of film
i moved some weight today, but i ain’t come out of gym
i started styling like marcus allen, i’m balling out
i got it feeling like the 80’s in the colosseum
i mean i like where i’m at, but i want a better spot
too many cops around, block is forever hot
yea i put half on weed and put the rest to rock
and went to work on them n-ggas, bumping the best of pac
i never change no, got that from the homie hov
i keep it hunnit’, i be d-mn i play the phonie road
they shoulda’ told me that the top will be a lonely road
got me freezing from n-ggas, that did the homie cold
n-gga grew up on the block, knew i be good at trapping
in a million years, never think that i’d be good at rapping
still on that journey, cause sh-t is not complete
guess i’m a keep on k!lling, till sh-t is obsolete

- jag текст песни