17 – jailbird sage текст песни

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[hook: jailbird sage]
i hope you remember me
and all those things i said i’d be
the songs i wrote at 17
and all my recurring themes

the light i chased and all my dreams
i tears i made, and memories
i left behind, with my curls, and cried
while you stay inside, and never lied

[verse 1: jailbird sage]
i said i’d die, be forever tied
one true love, oh nevermind
nirvana b*tch, i guess i tried
i set aside, my sense of pride
but i never switch sides
and i never did find
someone like you, but inside i did find

i scared little kid with a sense of direction
not that different, but a better intention
and you might say it’s natural selection
i’d argue that, it’s a self*investment
that’s a concept for introspection
oh well, you’re too self*interested
cease the connection, before misdirection
i cut my hair, coz you were there for it
i spill my blood, to make a statement
i give a f*ck, coz i’m the one who made it
i drive a truck, through what we made, and you still say i miss you, aidan
i’m sober but i’m feeling wasted
i’m over this, i need containment

[hook: jailbird sage & dexter seamus]
i hope you remember me
and all those things i said i’d be
the songs i wrote at 17 (17)
and all my recurring themes (recurring themes)

the songs i wrote at 17
braces off, got straighter t**th
i was back, with several things
to set aside to better me

[verse 2: dexter seamus]
you say that you miss me
xannies got me risky
i just want you with me
ridin’ through my city
demon’s in my rearview
calling out, don’t hear you
all that hate won’t heal you
you want me to feel you, but
i don’t feel much no more
i be f*cken hoes some more
lyin’ on the hotel floor
feel me when i win the war
esplanade, ferraris
red sunsets, new lobbies
came to f*cken stop me
whiskey in my coffee, yeah

why the f*ck you calling up my line
i ain’t got time for you
say you changed, but nothing’s changed, i’m still the same to you
it’s all games to you
think i feel the same as you
but i’m through with you
no more

no more
no more
no more
i’m through with you
no more

{verse 3: jailbird sage}
but maybe it was my fault for tryna reach out
well maybe it was my fault

i lose sleep on the things i can’t fix
the names on my wrist and the length of my list
and the things i never did and things i never could of
the venom of regret over my head i never shook off
i never stood up
let the rain hit me in a different way then i was used to, in the puddles
before i took off
before everything in the last 17 years exploded from the build up
and yeah i know i never blew up

but honestly, the level of success for an unmixed song
about tryna move on, and forget my regrets
humbled me more than an aria ever could of
you can quote me on that, yeah
back to back, i’m going back to black
imma freestyle that
imma put it in the middle, with an automatic pistol
to my head, like x, yeah i wrote that
coz imma*

i was only 17
i was only 17

- jailbird sage текст песни