heartbeat – jawn othello текст песни

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i wanted you to know
that i am ready to go, heartbeat
a heartbeat
i wanted you to know
whenever you are around, can’t speak
i can’t speak

i wanted you to know
that i am ready to go, heartbeat
a heartbeat
i wanted you to know
whenever you are around, can’t speak
i can’t-can’t speak

[verse 1:]
i know what your life like
denim jackets and them tights right?
i thought maybe i should link you up
but i can’t, man i gotta get my life right
i was s’posed to wait for you…
& you were s’posed to wait for me
now i’m moving around to get over you
but i swear girl you’re already over me
it’s like i can’t continue
you got a little sketchiness steady within you
i know i didn’t help with all the trouble you been through
i said you were my all, but girl you did too…
i don’t text you, you’re -ssuming
you think i’m happy, when i’m gloomy
when things go wrong i gotta say “my bad”
you took the everything i thought i had
you call me… no answer
you text me… no reply
cause if i do man i might fall for you again
and that’s a feeling, a feeling that more than i
could imagine
what happened
you was the pitcher and i just took a bat swing
it was a bad swing
cause a bad thing
i got a strike 3 and you was just laughing


[verse 2:]
it’s late night wednesday
not feeling so friendly
i just wanna be alone but
you make this feeling so tempting
so i might just link you
maybe we can chill, lemme see what you think boo?
i mean, lemme know whatcha think right now
cause i don’t have intentions to be tied down
crazy. so insane
the way your heart would beat before things changed
girl you had me on the run like a relay, heavy bowel movements, and a high-speed chase
i replaced your teddy at night
remember when we said we wasn’t ready that night?
and you loved me instead of that guy
now i don’t even text the celly and say “hi”
bye-bye, we couldn’t stay in sync
when i think about you its an instinct
now it’s all oozing through the pencil
heart below zero, not minus the wind chill
still, i stay right up
thought we was a match, but we just couldn’t light up
just a spark… barely
i just need you to hear me out….


[verse: 3]
yo. trust me
i can’t believe that with you i’m so trusting
i see you now and i act like it’s nothing
but when you @ him on twitter it disgusts me
one thing that k!lled between you and i
we told the painful truth, or a beautiful lie
with them other girls, so ecstatic
but when i’m with em’ man i don’t feel the magic
hear my heartbeat – drumset
but i got set up and left upset
got enough yet? light my torch
left all what we said on the front porch
are we cool? friends maybe?
put this behind cause i’m thinking ’bout you lately
and i need that, we should do it all again and i mean that

- jawn othello текст песни