360 – jay atoms текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

guess i gotta find another hobby
lifes been sloppy since the label dropped me
ran out of money with no one to adopt me
guess its back to the hood with the homies
and ill be right back where i started
a starving artist
on the greyhound with my head down
somebody said, “yo i’m a fan, what you doing here man?”
i just smiled and shook his hand
and went right back to sleep
right back to being a n0body
with a famous face and zero in the bank
at least i’m allowed to ride the bus pulling my hoodie up
don’t want n0body else to see me as obvious
i’m doing bad
six months i was on top making cash
now look at me
all empty [?]
lost victory
should’ve never signed a 360

i’m doing bad, y’all
no cash, y’all
no cash, y’all
d*mn used to be the man, y’all
15 minutes be going by fast, y’all

- jay atoms текст песни