3 am – jayg текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

wish we could rewind it wish we could rewind it
past times i regret not just being silent
smoking on this purple ’cause it keep me quiet

swear i’m flying, lose control, switch to auto*pilot
can’t stop, won’t stop, just want to keep on climbing
to the top, find your heart, almost couldn’t find it
one second swear its good and we was steady vibing
next second second guessing on some different timing
all them red flags, all them red flags
in my path that i swear that i would get past
sippin’ on that drank, got me on my tenth glass
riding on the train just to get my check cashed
get cash yeah, all i do is get cash
and get sad ’cause i’m grounded off the jet lag
shawty real fly she got them spiritual vibes
even through the bad times i’m still here by her side
(by your side)

up all night vibing ’till like 3 am (3 am)
certain vibes that i really wanna see again (uh)
in my dreams and nightmares i see you right there
just wanna go to sleep the only time i see the light’s there
bright as times square, i swear
i care about you
know a lot about you
love when i’m around you
i guess that’s good (that’s good)
real bad but she act good
stressing got me smoking on my backwood (backwood)

but that wont last long baby
i’ll be back on my sh*t pretending that sh*t don’t phase me
(don’t get it twisted) i’m not trying to put no blame on you
nor am i trying to throw no shade on you
so shame on you, nah shame on me
i’m the man so put the blame on me
tears that we shed that left a stain on me
i’m walking around with a cloud
keep that shade on me
we puffin’ loud and blowing clouds and splitting eighths with me
a few things that you said that’ll f*cking stay with me
they’ll never leave, ’cause your love will always stay with me

it’s 3 am, gotta wake up and get to the bag

- jayg текст песни