22 – jayquill текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

almost a year since we lost juice
as of today he’d have been 22
another f*cking legend… gone too soon
sad, but it could happen to us too
no scare tactic, just the truth
so cheers, happy birthday to you
am i in my thoughts or the booth
i stay humble and find my roots
wise mind, i know the route
i kick it into high, like the coupe
and your ass still get the boot
cause your so focused on the loot
you get lost in the whole pursuit
steer them wrong, yeah check the shoes
i saw the tracks, i check the proof
you lost the girls and the dudes
friends and family are gonе too
all those who had come to you
all becausе you had sh*t to prove
demons inside begin to guide you
no blessings for your achoo’s
cause infected minds lead to tombs
and i ain’t with the vibes in this room
here, if you ready, i got 2 pennies, just for you

i’m thinking it’s about time to get your sh*t together
f*cking rain or shine, you should try to get better
everything that tried to bring you down, you f*cking weathered
i can tell a lot about you, just from your feathers
don’t wanna be a chicken, so try to be an eagle
there’s a reason hawks ain’t chilling with seagull’s
you ain’t living right and that should be illegal
go and start a new life, cause this one looking feeble
won’t let you lead us to our doom
just look at me, i’ve got my boo
mom’s, pop’s and my sister too
i have never lost sight of my f*cking krew
if you ain’t loyal i don’t f*ck with you
i’m gonna make it with or without you
that’s the type of mental i’m about fool
so pack your bags, get going goof
pray for water, food and a roof
cause until you change you
dead to me and i’m dead to you
go from a warm beach in malibu
to real ice cold in a few
down the line from a different view
if i start to sense a different you
maybe we can go get some brews
i’ll ask questions like an interview
til’ then, here’s some notes for you
should’ve just put your pride aside
stayed true, to all your ride or dies
we all dream and fantasize
but before we step, we *n*lyze
you promise results, don’t lie my guy
if we feeling blue, let it be the skies
don’t let the darkness climb
it come and go like the tide
but if we don’t act now, it’ll rise
got to step in, this the time
cause our life gotta be sublime

- jayquill текст песни