#2 fvde! – jema текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

all of these straight n*ggas come from me
all of you n*ggas gon run from me
i’m with the gang, shoot comfortably
you love that henny, stop talking to me
why do these n*ggas keep coming, they fleas
spit it like gas, and im breakin the sheets
spit it like gas, and ill spark up the heat
im in your cross, straight actin like me
why do these n*ggas try coming for me
swingin my blade, now im bound at my feet
all to the face, like a log in the east
catch a #2 fade, ayy who you f*ckin with b*tch?
catch a #2 fade, nah your f*ckin weird b*tch
okay, catch a #2 fade, now you f*ckin with me
switchblade, your chest, put 2 pops in your knees
lementing baby * im not doin anymore

- jema текст песни