032 way up – jero (kor) текст песни

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[jero “032 way up” 가사]

goin’ goin’
it’s all good baby
we don’t give a f*ck
girl, i love this sh*t
i be at o*three*two come up

[verse 1]
i’ve been balling like i’m breezy, baby
i ain’t playing by your rules
you should worry ’bout yourself
i know it
it’s rough
이걸 하는데 오래도 걸렸네

그녀는 말해 “why baby?”
내 mic를 잡네
she said 내 랩은 딴 년보다 존나 타이트해

안들어 감성팔이 금수저 성냥팔이
안들어 좆도 멋도 없는 노래는 꺼 이건

this is what i need
this is what i mean
아무것도 없이 길거리를 버티던
내 친구 다 gold rolex
다 mclaren 타 not lease
오빠 나는 downtown b*tch
안물 니 사냥 witch
그리고 옆에 새끼
좆도 힙합이래 허구헌 날 marijuana

꿈깨 california dream
난 펴 aqua five
hold up

[verse 2]
now you ain’t sh*t to me
and this beat slap
f*ck ’em, we don’t bait the hoes
when we in the cold ic

i’m that bad from the o*three*two
yeah ’cause i’m on some g sh*t

i don’t want it to be easy baby, yeah

never ask them bad b*tches
but they get wet on my d*ck

i might try to go romantic
when i put it down
nah we don’t like bad gold digger
we don’t like bad gold digger

now we just need a gold finger
we just need a gold finger

don’t want to stay no more
ain’t tryna go back now baby
nah we ain’t yeah

높은 줏대 like a maybach
this is our own payback

don’t wanna be close to you

started off on the streets
i’ll show you on the streets
we cruisin down the street go slow
there’s no more tears
i always be gettin’ my way
말해 뭐해 what
말해 뭐해 what
this beat smokin’ like b*tches
money ain’t a thing

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