be my love – jesus culture текст песни

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be my love

[verse 1:]
from the valley low in the darkest place
to the highest heights of the mountain face
in the river mouth every night and day
where there is no love will you be my love
yeah, yeah

i can’t find anyone like you
that satisfies quite like you do
and my heart is burning for you
yes, my heart is burning for you

[verse 2:]
i can search the world just to lose my way
i can find my hope on a happy day
but my greatest joy and my only aim
is to love you god, just smile and say

(oh it’s burning, burning for you god
all my love, all my devotion, is yours
oh it’s yours, oh it’s yours, it’s yours, oh lord)

in this joy, heaven opens up
i’m in the clouds, i’m in the dust
in this love, heaven opens up
i’m in the fire, i’m in the flood

- jesus culture текст песни