2-0-5, year in review – jibjab текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

george w. bush: with hurricanes and terrorists, it’s been heard to just get by
here’s hopin’ the year 2*0*6 turns out better than 2*0*5!

bush: well, kim jong throwin’ fits, and the shuttles on the fritz
there’s an intifada brewin’ in gaza strip
oh, the deficit’s a risin’
half a’ europe hates my guts
and industrial america is goin’ bankrupt!
there is a great sense of urgency!
we’ve got to squash the insurgency!
my approval ratings in a dive!
hope it’s not another year like 2*0*5!
oh, a leak investigation’s got my white housе in a snarl
there’s a special prosеcutor after my friend karl
and our energy dependency is putting me in a bind
oh don’t worry about alaska it’ll be just fine!
my appointee was a big flop
the housing market is bout’ to pop
stentors: with record profits at the pump
random guy: i drive an suv and take it in the rump
group of workers: all of our jobs, gone over sea!
indian guy: each week i make one dollar seventy*three
bush: from katrina, fema, gitmo, too!
the last thing i need now is the avain flu

bush: ’cause every problem in the world, lands right here on my desk!
i tried to get to crawford, even there couldn’t get no rest
from pirates in somalia, to the nut job in iran!
it’s hard to rule the free world, but i’m doin’ the best i can!
(hard work)
from same*s*x marriage, to stem*cells, scooter libby, tom delay!
here’s hopin’ he year 2*0*6, bring a few more brighter days!
(say that again)

- jibjab текст песни