2007 year in review – jibjab текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

global warming, terrorists, oil prices, michael vick
al gonzales, lindsay’s blow, dennis saw a ufo

baby toys, poison lead, rudy, mitt, mccain and fred
clinton, edwards, and barack; darfur, iraq
don’s nappy*headed hoes, coverage of anna nicole
blackwater, usa, britney at the vma

in 2007, barry got indicted, malibu ignited
in 2007, humans went insane, they built a big*ass plane!

bob quit, rove rapped, oj took his cr*p back
pakistan, al*assad, mahmoud ahmadinejad
beauty queen, beef recall, senators in bathroom stalls
there’s trouble everywhere worldwide, but let’s look on the bright side!

facebook, red sox, halo 3 for xbox
awesomе gaming on the wii, marty won one finally
another babе for ang’ and brad, so much good among the bad
knut, the cub, safe at home, steve jobs invented iphone

in 2007, there was famine, fire, don’t forget sanjaya!
in 2007, things were far from great, but there’s still ’08! (still ’08!)

- jibjab текст песни