2008 year in review – jibjab текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

12 months ago which started
on this here very day
they handed me my top hat
and sent me on my way

my mission’s simple
the chronicle’s the year
from the moment i stepped out that door, i took it in the rear

global market meltdowns
a bailout by the fed
fannie, freddie, aig, and lehman cr*pped the…

bedlam in afghanistan
the big three self destruct
jesse jackson threatened to cut off obama’s…

nut jobs made a bigfoot
spitzer’s friend turned tricks
duchovny went to rehab ‘cause he couldn’t control his…

d*ck needed a kickstart
the u.s. needed gas
harry showed the world his wand and miley showed her…

ask me any questions
i’ll give it to ya straight
for your sake, kid, i should’ve hoped ‘09 ain’t like ‘08
barrack defeated johnny
so long to the far*right
now mccain has many houses
but none of them were…

white guys got passed over
from wasilla she was plucked
when the maverick tapped a hockey mom
the press said “what the…”

truck bombs in islamabad
bill gates up and quit
putin stuck his chest out, told the georgians to eat…

ships were seized by pirates
ike and gustav hit
johnnie’s honey had a baby
but he said it wasn’t his

the reefs now littered
with more famines, floods, and wars
if there’s one thing that i’m grateful for
it’s that this job’s now yours

- jibjab текст песни