2020, you’ve got to go (2020 year in review) – jibjab текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

it all seemed pretty great when 2020 was new
billie eilish swept the grammys, we had parasite, too
but brexit and impeachment when the whole thing began
should have warned us 2020 was about to hit the fan

we all went into lockdown ’cause of covid*19
we kept our faces covered and our hands super clean
we couldn’t get a haircut so we looked really weird
and somehow all the toilet paper just disappeared

wе went to work by zooming on a pad or a phone
we couldn’t go to moviеs so we streamed ’em at home
but massive crowds of citizens still took to the streets
there were marches, there were rallies, there were zillions of tweets

2020 brought us everything
from fashion sweats to tiger king
murder h*rnets, what a scare!
tiktok dances everywhere

bezos makin’ crazy sums
sports in empty stadiums
and sadly, we said, “rip”
to kobe, chadwick, rbg

political debates were full of bl*ster and flies
getting covid was the president’s october surprise
the counting took forever when the ballots were in
’til biden said, “you’re fired” — let the lawsuits begin
the whole west coast was burning
there was financial stress
can we fly off to wakanda
and get out of this mess?

the year has kicked our b*tts
and yet it won’t lay us low
the time is up, so 2020
you’ve got to go!

2020, you’ve got to go
your days are numbered
2020, you’ve got to go
2020, you’ve got to go
the time is up, 2020 you’ve got to go

- jibjab текст песни