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“changing the locks”
(feat. ashanti)

[verse 1: jim jones]
and i know our reltionship i neglected
so i’m hopin this apology you’ll accept it
and i know up in ya mind you feel disrespected
just think about the time that you invested
but somewhere along the line we got disconnected
and you tell me i was wrong so i stand corrected
you ain’t up here in the mall girl i kant accept it
and so a woman skorned is wat this man was left with
i got her feelin like no otha option
back against the wall love got her boxed in
fightin with a hard love got ha boxin
and all those bruises on her soul like she was fightin hopkins

[chorus: ashanti]
see i don’t want to love you anymore
and i don’t want to touch you anymore
i’m changin all tha locks that’s on this door
so gone so gone
i used to give you every piece of me
until you f-cked around and lost that key
i used to really love you now i think nothin of you
you ain’t gotta k-m back no more kuz i’m gone

[verse 2: ashanti]
see i was with you
i split it with you
i lived it with you
did it even when i didn’t wanna do it just to let you know i was different from the rest put an “s” on my chest
to relieve all your stress when i gave you my best
you betrayed what was left
and i didn’t understand now i’m leaving
i’m so gone movin on
and i ain’t gotta take ya sh-t no more


said i don’t wanna love you
and i don’t wanna touch you
nope i don’t think nothin of you
aye ayyyyyeeee aye
said i don’t wanna love
and i don’t wanna touch you
nope i don’t think nothin of you
yeah ayyyyeeee wooooaaaahhhh
mmmm mmmmmmmmm nooooooo [fades out]

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