3 way – joey trap текст песни

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[intro: joey trap]
joey, you k!lled this
awwwwww yeahhhh, haha
threeway (trap)
your b*tch want a threeway (uh*huh, a threeway?)
yeah, uh, huh
i like my— yeah
i like my— yeah

[verse 1: joey trap]
i like my b*tches ass too fat, it cannot fit up in her jeans
i like f*cking from the back, cover her mouth, make that b*tch scream
got the rollie flooded out, my diamonds bright just like a dream
i keep the bl!cky covered up, i pull it out, you see the beam
always keep a chopper, duck, duck, duck, duck, goose
no, i didn’t stutter, f*f*f*f*ck you (b*tch)
b*tches on my d*ck, kinda faded off mushrooms
i don’t give a f*ck about the movie, i’ma cum soon (b*tch)
ahaha, yeah
i need me a milli’, roll another filly
littest in the city, flow is always chilly
i stay with the reaper like i’m mandy or i’m billy (yes, sir)
my b*tch p*ssy fat, hit it from the back (back)
cannot fit her pants , even from the sax
took your b*tch shoppin’, she gon’ see my sidepiece
now she finna top me, she know that i’m papi
never flowin’ sloppy, n*ggas always copy
i been sipping codeine, double cups, this isn’t coffee

[interlude: joey trap & tokyo’s revenge]
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, you know who should hop on this?
(good morning, uh*woo)

[verse 2: tokyo’s revenge]
i don’t get along with you n*ggas, no rap cap
magic with a strap like a wizard and a backpack
n*ggas tryna flex driving civics with a hatchback
f*ck boy, n*ggas duckin’ smoke just like aflac
blastoise, shots in your back with that cannon
bad choice, i’m fire type, you get damaged
bad joints, we gon’ pop out, make you panic
asteroids, i’m simply not from this planet, uh
i’m seeing this sh*t with my mind’s eyes, uh
so i keep me a stick for that fah*fah, uh
you went awoken my mental, my haven
i’m grinding like pavement
this ain’t no muhf*cking drive*by, yeah
this time, run up on your blindside (b*tch)
you say you talk on the internet
you see my silhouette behind you, hide, hide
i turn your boyfriend to a b*tch
boy, you get cursed
just like a witch, i keep a stick, uh
led on my lap like she tryna x*ray my d*ck

[outro: tokyo’s revenge]
then she throw that f*cking neck just like a lynch

- joey trap текст песни