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подождите пожалуйста...

my first couple thousand blew it all in lenox
polo head to toe foe i go handle business
might be from the burns but all my n*ggas from the trenches
caught dat p*ssy lackin wet em up and then we drenched him

designer all over my body
always got that drip i keep a whole gallon
got the finest shawty suckin me so sloppy
p*ssy bald eagle grip my d*ck like she got talons

got a bad b*tch she so d*mn s*xy
make me wanna put a baby in her belly
pack yo bags i buy the tickets book the telly
touchdown in italy and then we еat some real spaghetti

no cap in my rap, еverything i do exotic
fit cost me a thousand baby this ain’t no hot topic
got the blue cheese in my burberry wallet
top on the foreign i drop it then we take off like a rocket

hood john cena cause ain’t nam n*gga seein me
who a big steppa yo gang full of happy feet
always my ps and qs u know i’m never lackin b
superhero movie cause i’m really where the action be

my fit clean but i’ll still do you dirty
trigger finger itchin like i popped a perky
ion do the beef, ion do the jerky
my number 1 shooter ain’t coming home till 2030
ik you gone beat yo case
i give yo momma hug and see the pain the pain all in her face
to make it out my hood you do whatever it takes
had to make some shake, my n*gga did the race

yeah yeah
roll another one, we like h*ll yeah
gotta get that cheddar gotta get that cheese
country boi i still be eating rice and beans

same camo jacket same fitted jeans
same copper foams same polo tees
same gucci belt same double gs
money never changed me my philosophy

i’m on beast mode it ain’t no stopping me
imma keep on goin up and imma keep on dropping heat
hoping out a foreign in guisseppis y’all ain’t rocking these
east atlanta accent but i still be talking guapanese

flexing on my ex and that’s by any means
counting up that money like a d*mn machine
maybe i’m born with it, maybe it’s maybeline
i’m ballin so d*mn that i coulda made the league

give my thanks to god & my mom and dad
sacrifice gave me the life they never had
ik we family and sometimes we make each other mad
we got each other back through thick and thin and good and bad
they could never understand
i’m trynna make my family proud i’m trynna be a man
do my own stunts like i’m jackie chan
live this life for real don’t do this sh*t instagram

the more famous i get, the more it mean less to me
everybody on my d*ck i should get a vasectomy
no new friends all you n*ggas is dead to me
if you ain’t in my circle why the f*ck you standing next to me

90 mph inna 45
police pulled me over said i coulda died
took my ass jail for the way i drive
fingerprint at 1 am we made it out at 5

first you get the money then you get that power
once you get that power then you get respect
check behind the curtains fore i take a shower
ik my oops trynn k!ll me every chance they get

no cap, real sh*t, all we do is drill sh*t
talk behind my back that lemme know that you a real b*tch
n*gga gotta attitude wit me then he must hit
in yo feelings cause you p*ssy or you gotta lil d*ck

chains for the whole gang until it ain’t n0body cold as us
gotta that type of swag it ain’t no way that you ain’t notice
talkin tax brackets y’all n*ggas ain’t even close to us
you think you catching up but trust me you ain’t even close enough
me myself and i yeah i really keep it that simple
im the only one who know who everything i been through
i’m always at yo side and i’m always here to defend you
i always got yo back i won’t ever care who against you

this the manifestation
imma count at least a m for everyone who was hating
i’m keep holding sh*t down and moving up through the ranking
imma have em stuck on stupid thinking wat in tarnation

ik they ain’t believe me when i told em i could do it
and it really hurt my feelings but i had to make it through it
i be spitting fire like i’m drinking lighter fluid
it’s self explanatory why i made the title 2lit

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