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Songtext von waiting room – jonny diaz lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

here in this waiting room yearning for you to say go
and though i’m convinced that a yes would be best
this time you’re telling me no

it’s not that i don’t have an answer
it’s just not the one that i’d like
but through this time lord i must keep in mind
you’re always wiser than i

you have a much better purpose
and you have a far greater plan
and you have a bigger perspective
cause you hold this world in your hands

the things that i seek are from you
like the strong healing touch of your hand
but when you say no help me trust even though
there’s a reason i can’t understand

when that miracle comes cause your answer is yes
i will praise you for all of my days
but when your wisdom declares that a no is best
i will praise you just the same

- jonny diaz текст песни