1012 (part 1) – joshua marshall текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

you look so beautiful in green
i love the way that you choose to smile at me, whoa

i finally made it out of my head
i leave with class, i make it high end
comfort zone on a thread
the boy that you fell for:
he’s up ahead

i’ve been on the run since 10
but i was on the ground floor making the amends
other days, i didn’t leave the bed
i know, i’m…

staying up like we know we should
3am, telling stories
we’re falling in love, we’re falling thru chlorine
but baby, surely, oh

the boy that you fell for: he’s up ahead
the boy that you fell for: he’s up ahead
ground floor, making the amends
the boy that you fell: he’s up ahead

- joshua marshall текст песни