life goes on – jt kidd текст песни

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[intro: jt kidd]
yeah, no matter what you’re going through
any situations, problems
just know that life goes on, no matter what
yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1]
we’re just people and life goes on
keep moving though that was a night gone wrong
maybe it’s good that the nice so gone
cause it me gave motivation to write cold songs
and i know that one day, i won’t be where i am right now
and i hope in one play, i can stop somebody from taking their life like blaooww
cause there’s people that die everyday
you see these people and you cry in their face
you cry yourself to sleep, you cry to stay awake
they’ll see you cry , people will still lie to your face
we’re just people, and the life comes with the madness
the smiling, the laughing, and sadness is all part of the package
it happens, it’s tragic
it’s a m-ssive disaster
why chase after masters, to follow a master?
that’s why they trap us rappers
the bottom is where i was cl-ssified, right after i
put tracks on life, i’ll only follow after one being and that is after christ

yeah, yeah, yeah (and life goes on)
no matter what they tell us, just know that we’re just (we’re just people)
yeah, yeah, yeah (and life goes on)
no matter what they tell us, just know that we’re just (we’re just people)
we are, we are, we are and (and life goes on)
no matter what they tell us, just know that we’re just (we’re just people)
we are, we are, we are and (and life goes on)

[verse 2]
we’re just people, so we’re not perfect
i wish i learned that at an early age
i was a troubled kid, just ask everybody around me probably a thousand times they heard me rage
just screaming, shouting and crying sitting on my bed
just thinking about was being done and thinking about what was being said
like wow
thinking it’ll be better if i take the whole world down
i was just a face in the crowd
a king hated by the town
but i was the king who never got the crown
i moved on from that
i am no longer an insomniac
cause if i stress about these weights on my back
cause that’s the main way of me falling flat
i was loving for nothing (nothing)
i was running for nothing (nothing)
i was running and running
and i was gunning and gunning
just hoping that i was gunning for something (something)
but i didn’t, and that right there is a tragedy
y’all crying at your tv screens, well i lived it actually


[verse 3]
ever had so much questions, and thinking why won’t anyone answer me
well learn this is reality, and it’s nothing like a fantasy
i’m a man to be
losing sanity
they only handed me
a can of peas
and i have to go
down this road
just to show
that i know
that i can save humanity
i’m simply maneuvering, down these cold pathways
and not thinking who were in, my old past days
mistakes are in the past
the greats make mistakes then laugh
mistakes are inevitable, so i won’t ever let it break my path
i’m good, because mistakes are what make ya
people look at me and ask (well, what about a hater)
well, what about them (do you ever let them break ya)
no, i keep moving and like kells imma lace up


[verse 4]
we’re just people
we are (we are) you know that we are (we are)
and we stars, but we can’t be stars
if you always restart
so why rewind it
just trying
to be reminded
and if you find it
it’s a crisis
and your world will seem over like the mind of mayans
look to the future, it could be supplying, you with diamonds
the past could have you crying, in nights of defiant violence
i know that’s a lot (lot) right, on yo plate (uh)
but that’s a slice, of yo cake (uh)
that i might, just take (uh)
and eat it right, in yo face (uh)
so you know it’s a high, of a stake (uh)
and if you be yourself (what)
they might, just hate (uh)
so what if they’re hating, they can’t tell you how to live
you’ll always be you, and i always be the kidd, and we’re just people


- jt kidd текст песни