curtiss king & oh gosh leotus – jubilee year текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[produced by oh gosh leotus]

[intro: joel osteen]
“i wan to talk to you today about your year of jubilee. everything that has my name on it is coming back to me
my health, my joy, my peace, my family, my children, my promotion is coming back

[verse: curtiss king]
when i started making music i knew i wanted to ball
matter fact i knew i wanted it all
not for the money, the diamond rings, or the cars
and not for the ladies, the shopping sprees in the mall
i know that sounds crazy but they all got flaws
i did it so my mama had to quit her job
after 2 evictions, 3 repos
i got a vision
god led me to the peephole
even though the people know i’m modest for an artist
and sometimes a little too honest for an artist
i used to ask why i always had it the hardest
i thought that i was cursed like a blair witch project
3 years ago i took a risk on a soundclick
and made more money than i ever encountered
and i finally got a manager
finally got a pr
and finally had a strategy to make me a star
but november 27th after leaving murs’s show
walking downtown disney alone in my peacoat
i noticed a depression i suppressed inside
for over 30 years made it’s way to my eyes
so i cried, man
because i was more lost than i’ve ever been
the money and the fame even though it seemed heaven sent
i felt better getting rid of all the evidence
i parted from my manager
parted from my publicist
hoping they’d understand i’m a man that was suffering
a man in pursuit of a purpose
i was nervous
because how do i win in a game that’s self serving

i mean, go figure
i read a book that changed my life that year called the go giver
and that was december
now i’m back for everything that you owe
no kidding

i almost lost it all
lost it all, lost it all
i almost lost the whole thing
have no fear it’s a jubilee year
have no fear it’s a jubilee year
have no fear it’s a jubilee year

- jubilee year текст песни