25 minute freestyle – juice wrld текст песни

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we are, uh
i like that

[verse 1]
my enemies are startin’ to become fake friends of me
they see me on the rise and startin’ to think that they aren’t mine
allow me to chime in, this watch upon my wrist it’s perfect timing
she wonder why i f*ck and i don’t like it
i gotta pass the time on some grime sh*t
yeah, uh, i’m on top of the world, i’m on top, i told yo’ girl get on top of the wrld, get on top, by world i mean juice wrld
your girl is in my world, your girl is now juice girl, your girl is now juice girl
well, that’s the way that i move, i guess everyday i’m kinda getting caught in the groove
i pop a perc, maybe two, stay on my ones and my twos
i lost my brother to tools, so i’m gon’ keep me a tool
that’s on my life, that’s on your wife, i put my d*ck upon her twice
i bust upon on her then i ghost, i’m peek*a*boo, the poltergeist
triple nine upon my wrist, i flip the f*ck the pastors wife, yeah
then i pull up and do it in the afterlife, like how you like me now
n*ggas want beef, i c*ck it back holy cow
man i’m promptly shoot you head, hate the sound of it, the cows
‘dem b*tches is loud, the type to move a whole f*ckin’ crowd
where i’m from, we don’t make it past 21
but where i’m from 15 year old’s own like 20 guns
see, statistics say we don’t make it past twenty*sum
well, i’m growin’ up, i’m blowin’ up, been glowin’ up, been showing out, and showing up, they know it’s us
i wasn’t supposed to see this money that me and g*money touch
in the trump tower, racist b*tch giving me shoulder ups
and they hate this sh*t, just off of if i can’t have you, i’ma replace your sh*t
that’s lucid dreams, i get lucid greem, if she find me then there really ain’t no losing me, cause when she see her eyes on every single f*cking tv screen, you see me, you see me, in your lucid dreams
the shadows in your rooms, i do what i do, try me, they’ll find you
in the down of a buy you, drive right by you, and serve you heat like you at a drive through
i got rock, i got soul, i got pills, i got hoes, i got bicks, i got flows
i got gangs, i got zoels, i got all that you need, hit my phone, that’s a trap, cause the studio is where i be cookin’ all my crack
g*money hit me, he said let’s get this money, where you at
we pull up private jet style then we land on your map
and if it smoke, then best believe you’ll get popped like a flat
what cork at, g*money i think i need me a flat
squeak told me that perc’s is on the way
on tour f*cking b*tches we was getting paid
and d.c a couple hoes was gettin’ slayed
f*ck them once, then we sent them on their way
i’m not bogus, i’m just caught up in my ways
hocus*pocus with my life, i may just disappear for days
i’m in a daze, i feel amazin’, this sh*t is cray’ for all the reds, this sh*t is braze
get out my way if you don’t plan to make a payment
catch me layin’ on the pavement just chillin’
caught up in my motherf*ckin’ feelings
they say juice “why you always in your feelings?”
i’m not, but this sh*t lead to my f*ckin’ lottery winnings
see, n*ggas got a play to make a million
to get the sh*t i got, but put my name upon a deal
and me, i’d rather have a f*cking house up in the hills
then be buried six feet for gang affiliation steal

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