telepathy – juice wrld текст песни

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xan bar double cup
xan bar double cup
xan bar double cup it’s the same thing, aye
never change never change i’m in the same lane, aye
all these chains on my neck sound like some loose change, aye
all black raf simmons like bruce wayne, aye

i can not f-ck with the lame
i’m ballin’ like james, i’m still in the game, aye
f-ck up then f-ck up again
i run up a check and i’m makin’ it rain, aye
d-mn, i do it again my n-gg-s shoot you then i shoot you again, aye
i put the juice in the gin, hey
i put the ball in the rim, hey
i do not f-ck with a friend
i just got brothers in can, hey
free my bro locked in the pen, hey
caught him with a gun in his hand, hey
stuntin’ when i’m up in a benz, yeah
i got dr on my lens, yeah
these n-gg-s pretend, huh
i do not f-ck with these n-gg-s, huh
i got no love for these n-gg-s
the shotty on me got a slug for a n-gg-, hey
you think you getting that money, huh
you think you keep it one hunnid’, hey
b-tch i don’t walk it i run it, hey
ball like the okc thunder, aye
ball like the okc thunder i sh-t on your boy someone get him a plunger, hey
run up on me imma dump you pull up in that hummer i pull up that dumper. hey
all of my n-gg-s get money we stack it then flip it i keep it one hunnid’, hey
b-tch i don’t walk it i run it, yeah
b-tch i don’t walk it i run it i ball on these hoes and i swear that i’m swishin’
you talking that sh-t then i wash you like dishes, hey
all of my n-gg-s be different we jiggy raf simmons on me cause i’m busy, hey
f-ckin’ yo b-tch lets get busy, hey
all of my n-gg-s be with me, hey
bro with me he got a semi, hey
hardaway i’m ballin’ like penny, hey
who is this b-tch
she suck my d-ck just for a hundred dollars, hey
run up on me
run up my clique
we got a hundred choppas, hey
you got a hundred n-gg-s, d-mn
we got a hundred problems, hey
well that’s okay with me cause b-tch i got them problem solvers, aye
i just be runnin’ with k!llers
bathing ape on me going gorillas
run up on me i swear that i get you
michael jackson she dancing like thriller
and my n-gg-s they still get the picture
roll you up and i smoke like a swisher
n-gg-s talkin’ that sh-t imma get em’
b-tch she drunk like she off of the liquor, aye

i live to breathe
i live to breathe
i live to breathe
i get the head i get the head telepathy
don’t give a f-ck what none these haters tellin’ me
the sh-t you say so maf-ckin’ irrelevant

- juice wrld текст песни