tim westwood freestyle – juice wrld текст песни

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i mean, y’all be sayin’ that y’all freestylin’
but y’all be like… spittin’ writtens and sh-t
that’s bs
i don’t even write my wrongs

[verse 1]
off the top, kickin’ it, no karate cl-ss
janitor, i’ll mop his -ss up, chop his -ss up
i’m the best at what i do, can’t n-body do it better
yo girl look like sprinkler system from the way i get her wetter
i’m out the jam like jelly
i’ma go hard, catch the shot like belly
i’m the best to ever do it, have ’em leakin’ body fluids
feel like waka flocka “o let’s do it” when i’m on this music
off the dome when i’m kickin’ it
kinda like i got an impediment when i’m spittin’ it
i been rippin’ writtens without writing a d-mn thing
doin’ my d-mn thing, i rap and not sing
i ring like bells, king
that’s me, you better king me
i’m married to the money, f-ck it, need to buy a ring, b
i pull up on the scene, choppa get the f-ckin’ ring, king
like a joke or something, choppa get the zine king
man this sh-t look easy, on my grind like trukfit, no lil weezy
yo b-tch too sleazy, 40 bless yous, sneezin’
i’m the best to ever do it, take yo breath away like not breathin’
breaking bad method how i sell this meth
retrospect, put that sh-t back in retrospect
take yo specs, take yo b-tch, grab her breast, tat her chest
i’m the best to ever do it, i’ma say that again
lord forgive me on this mic, i know that i’m finna sin
k!llin’ him, him, and him, referencin’ eminem
all these other rappers ain’t sh-t but just fillin’ in
i don’t really got time for it
they can have a penny cause i don’t really have a dime for it
catch me rockin’ tom ford and some air forces
with a p-ssport and a black torch
comin’ up the full court, pressed like kobe or somethin’
super clutch in the fourth like gin-bili or somethin’
you say you ballin’ like you jordan n-gg-, nah, you frontin’
run up on me that’s okay, that choppa on me get the jumpman
like jumpman, 23 and that glizzy come and get it
i been defyin’ n-gg-s like science and physics
run up on me, i hit ’em, that choppa on me like a tongue
i pull it out and them lick ’em, i’ma shoot him till he done
i got all the girls sprung, pull up on the scene like “he hung”
i’m the best to ever do it, say that again
off the dome, kickin’ it, that’s just how it is
i don’t have to write sh-t, i see it like a psychic
f-ck yo girl like a huffy commercial, she ride like bikes, kid
i’m the best to ever do it, yeah i said it and i meant it
listen to my lyrics, man i vibe on this b-tch
roll a blunt up, a og, i get high in this b-tch
mix it with the pills and liquor, i may die on this b-tch
i do that sh-t on purpose, suicide on that b-tch
suicide doors with a suicide wh-r-
drivin’ off a bridge, i call that a suicide porsche
we kickin’ it, man, look
i pull up in a four-door flippin’ like parkour
f-ck yo b-tch on camera and call that b-tch a hardcore hard p-rn
sharper than any hard poons
i come through with three bullets in my face, that’s a war room
animated like cartoons when i’m off the shrooms
n-gg-s dirty so they choppas actin’ like brooms
n-gg-s salty like spongebob and spittoon
pull up on the scene, that’s just me
hey, switch that sh-t up real quick
i may come back for that, i dunno

[verse 2]
i was just talkin’ about how i like tyler in that coat
i’ma, i’ma f-ckin’ dapper dan in a pair of gucci socks
runnin’ up on me you get popped
catch the shot out the block, i’m the juice, word to pac
run up on me, pop the top, matter of fact, better back up
cause i’m in the back of the truck with the mac tucked
turn that n-gg- into a condiment or somethin’, he need to catch up
he can’t catch us, them n-gg-s can’t back us
man, them n-gg-s need some backup
i’m on the scene, boolin’ with my bros
like drake with the 6, runnin’ through it with my woes
run up on me like shaquille and the pain i’m throwin’ b-lls
you a ballerina cause i keep you on your toes
shout out to them florida n-gg-s, i know some zos
run up, that’s okay, i’m finna let the choppa blow
i’m on westwood, ridin’ through yo hood
like red ridin’, strikin’ like bright lightnin’, my flow is too excitin’
i’ll end yo world like mayans, off the dome, kickin’ it
try me if you think i’m lyin’, now listen how i do it
i get brain from a smart b-tch but she stupid
put an arrow through yo heart but no, i’m not cupid
like you shuffle when i shoot, but no, it’s not cupid
the wordplay is so cold, my heart is so gone
yo b-tches so sprung, yeah i put the team on
she gon get the whole team head, call that a crew neck
but i’m wearin’ a sweater, i’ma get her wetter
i’m the best to ever do it, i’ma say that sh-t forever
no matter the weather, knock ’em out like floyd mayweather
i’m off the dome kickin’ it, that’s just how it is
i’m khalifa with the reefer but i never been a wiz
tricks are for grownups, they said they were for kids
h-ll naw, cause you will get popped off like a zit
if you f-ckin’ with my money cause i’ll all about a grip
tell yo b-tch to swallow kids and i’ll tell you to swallow clips
rest in p-ss, rest in this, matter of fact, i’ma go hard
spit crack like bobby brown and grill ’em like bogart
stomp the yard like chris brown like he got shot in the movie
i’m hotter than white b-tches chillin’ in a jacuzzi
my money got longer, shout out to uzi
i’m in the scene with a nina, you run up, i’m shootin’
i swear that you don’t want no problems with me, it’s over with
call me everything but sober, i am not with that sober sh-t
it’s a union with my gang, comin’ round like it’s soviet
matter of fact, i’m finna gamble for this sh-t with yo poker chips
if you run up, you will, you will get cranked like soulja did
i’ma drop bars same way i drop bombs, you ain’t on sh-t
ww-dot-com, i forgot a w, i took that out, that w stand for “win”
and i never took the losin’ route, i always took the losers out
eeny meeny miney moe, i always pick the choosers out
she got t-tties, when she come around i pick the hooters out
run up on me, that’s okay, they beefin’ with computers now
i’m not worried about these n-gg-s, keep a thirty on my hip
i steph curry about these n-gg-s
these n-gg-s h-lla soft, man i worry about these n-gg-s
i never run away, i don’t flurry away from n-gg-s
that n-gg- lil’ p-ssy, he furry, ain’t he, lil’ n-gg-?
pull up on the scene, you know i’m with it
my windows tinted, pulled up clean with a “stop, you finished”
you know we did it
i’m ballin’ like dennis rodman, i’m f-ckin’ awesome
my bombin’ like atomic, my eyes are redder than demonic
i’m faster than sonic, i’m faster, withdrawals got me fastin’
my stomach movin’ slow like mol-sses, i got it
run up on me, i’m poppin’
feel like drake when i’m rappin’ cause i start from the bottom
all this sh-t that i’m talkin’, i could probably back it
i slide into yo b-tch dm like a sled and toboggan
for yo brains i may bargain, i caught you lackin’ that target
i’ll turn yo -ss to a target then threw yo -ss in the garbage
run up on me, it’s nothing, i swear to god that i’m bussin’
like a proactiv commercial or somethin’
these n-gg-s makin’ -ssumption, me, i’m just makin’ this money
i wear givenchy, you still in abercrombie, you see the difference?
broke n-gg-s and rich n-gg-s, showin’ the distance
this is a business relationship, f-ck a friendship
all these other n-gg-s fake like “what you got over there?
let me get something off your plate”, nah
i did this all by myself so i don’t need n-body’s help, sh-t
i’m a giant, you an elf, i put yo brains up on a shelf after i collect it
matter of fact, my mind is my weapon
slide through yo block again and catch some sloppy seconds
that’s a preference, i heard you talkin’ about heaven
well i send yo -ss to h-ll, right next to jezebel
you can catch 20 sh-lls, you a fat person, you get shot, garfield
i got bars like jail barbells, these n-gg-s not funny, seinfeld
but my flow is so unpredictable
f-ckin’ with me is like steppin’ in a minefield
man, i could never mess up, i gotta fess up, this is a confession
i pull up on the scene with my 40, it came from my plaster
that sh-t is a blessing, i leave you in the past tense
i rap to wrappin’ plastics, that’s just some plaster rap
but i’m still the realest rapper after the fact, can you imagine that?
man, these n-gg-s sick to h-ll, johnson couldn’t magic that
man, this rappin’ sh-t is such a p-ssion
not a father when i did it so i’m callin’ me a b-st-rd
and these n-gg-s talkin’ dumb to me
but that sh-t doesn’t matter, cause my pockets gettin’ fatter
and i’m climbin’ like a ladder, outta sp-ce, i’m up on saturn
with some n-gg-s that came from my hometown
they really rowdy, you run up, that’s okay
i swear to god we get to growlin’ and bouncin’ and pouncin’
you gon need a bouncer, we robbin’ yo accountant for everything
so much money that i ain’t even count yet
life’s a b-tch, why is mine keep playin’ farfetched
these n-gg-s ain’t locked up, haven’t seen bars yet
my gun singin’ like barbra, guess, streisand
i got a knife in my right hand, yo b-tch in my left hand
and her meth in my back pocket, i’ll give it to her in a second
if she keep jockin’, i’ll rip your eyes out of your head
if you keep watchin’, i am the best rapper in here
the best rapper over there, the best rapper everywhere
i can say what i want and it’ll come out how i want it
run up if you want, that’s okay cause it’s over
i really do not condone it, i don’t f-ck with opponents
it’s commas, no exponents, but these bullets come in three
and they singin’ like jonas, i don’t really got no smoke
but if you want it i got it, i pull it out and i pop it
i send some shots at your noggin, i remember rockin’ robins
back at the bottom, now it’s givenchy and gucci
all over my pant pockets, man, maybe i should stop it
let’s keep goin’ man, i’m just feelin’ nauseous
off the henny, that’s the remedy
a hundred in these clips so if i shoot it that’s a centipede
i stick it on the lamborghini, drivin’ like a century
it’s 21 inside the clip, like the century, i’m schoolin’ n-gg-s
ruler and the glock, elementary, i’m in her mouth like a dentist
she made me replenish, i’m ballin’ like i’m dennis
rodman, rotten, plottin’, freestyle, no jottin’, i got it
man i could rap forever if i go broke westwood i’ma trap forever
so cold i could go to siberia and trap the weather
i could trap in siberia, i could trap wherever
man, rainy weather, sunny weather, either way, it goes
my gun with me cause it go, oof!
next beat, next beat, i may come back
next part, what should i k!ll? cool

[verse 3]
catch me spittin’ on this k!ll beat
hopin’ that these n-gg-s would just feel me, the real me
my weapon is concealed and
you know i’m a suspect when i walk into the building
i came to london just to make some noise
the sh-t i say is for grown men, these bars are not for lil boys
i’m andy with these toys
you run up on me, you get flexed on like terry crews and steroids
listen, i been ballin’ like a piston
i been marchin’ on n-gg-s like i am army enlisted
you run up on me, you get it
my choppa’ r-t-rded and spittin’ on these goofy -ss n-gg-s
pop a roofie, i’m gone, in a whole nother zone
put my d-ck in yo mom, that’s the sh-t that i’m on
yeah that’s the sh-t that i’m on, you ain’t on sh-t cause you dumb
you run up on me, you gone, that choppa’ on me, it’s rung
you get hung like a noose
i’m about the war, give a f-ck about the truce
all about myself, i give a f-ck about you
matter of fact, i may just shoot the f-ck up out you
put an x next to your name like malcolm
i guess you didn’t weigh your options out, your outcomes
you did the wrong sh-t on the right day
we turn a white day into a red day
f-ck what yo mom say, f-ck what yo’ dad say
i keep it 3k like my first name andre
if i go broke, i’m probably servin’ like an entree
in bombay with yo girl suckin’ all on me
off the xannies, i’m a zombie
don’t believe me, try me, f-ck around, stomp you
i’m kinda hungry off the weed, i may chomp you
and that shorty, she a eater, she a muncher
man i’m feeling like a monster
straight jeffrey dahmer when i’m grippin’ the llama
you don’t want problems, no smoke at all
i take your whole pound and smoke it all
i take yo b-tches then f-ck ’em all
they on my d, i’m hatin’, i duck ’em all
and she look at my whole team then suck ’em all
macaroni on me, it’ll buck-buck ’em all
man somebody tell me to stop, nah, i’mma keep goin’, just watch
i take yo rollie, yo watch, yo b-tches all on my c-ck
you run up on me, get popped, they judge a n-gg- like cochran
they forgot to stop it, run up on me here
i got a rocket on me, no launcher
i feel like i am the bestest, i’m deadlier than asbestos
my word is really my weapon, i’m coming back for some seconds
freestylin’s a preference, send you to stairway to heaven
man, these n-gg-s writin’ the sh-t that i say
the beats beat when i’m beatin’ like doctor the dre
i pull up on them with the choppa’, and screamin’ out “hey!
f-ck you, pow pow, have a nice day”
and my wrist is like an ice tray, and yo b-tch she do what i say
yeah, she put her hands in the air when my song come on
like single ladies and beyonce, yeah
and the way that i spit sh-t
i burn n-gg-s like jamaicans with the incense
been the realest with the sh-t ever since i was an infant
i’m a misfit, tony hawk on my grind like a trip tip, you could get hit
choppa leave you cryin’ like a chick flick, i’m a sick kid
b-tch, i been lit, man these n-gg-s ain’t sh-t but some p-ss-es
and pork -ss n-gg-s, f-ck is a piglet
f-ck is these n-gg-s, i don’t f-ck with these n-gg-s
a four-leaf clover on a bullet, good luck with these n-gg-s
man it must suck for these n-gg-s, ol’ sufferin’ n-gg-s
youtube ol’ video bufferin’ n-gg-s
ol’ big bad wolf huff-puffin’ -ss n-gg-s
til i pull up on the scene like “you think you hard?”
i put a bullet hole through your m-ffin -ss, n-gg-
man, all the songs that i’m b-mpin’, i got the partiers jumpin’
you run up on me, it’s over, that chopper’s on me, it’s dumpin’
i’ll dump you like a bad relationship, hold on, wait, wait, wait
let me take this sh-t, it may take a bit
i spit the sh-t i say, go back, re-say it
then say somethin’ different, replacin’ it, man they hatin’ us
it’s presidential brain from yo b-tch sarah palin kid
still sellin’ john mccain, like you got yo sh-t sn-tched
my flow is off the chain, pull up in the rover, yeah i got the range
i feel like drake, nothing was the same
n-gg-s love to hate, get up out my face before you catch a ak
shoot him in his face, tell that n-gg- bye-bye, man down, mayday
pull up to his mom house and turn it to my safe place
i need a safe haven, i’m too busy slayin’
dyin’ my hair like super saiyans, leave his face on the pavement
jackie chan when i’m smokin’, i really feel like an asian
f-ck yo b-tch when i’m high, call that sh-t asian persuasion
i rush out with yo girl, she f-ck for hours up in the shower
i feel like i got superpowers, i’m so superb
i’m bout the action, you n-gg-s bout action verbs
i don’t gotta say a word, i shoot for the grave, feelin’ like larry bird
on the compet-tion, i drop and take a t-rd
shove it in they ears, they hearin’ every word
really though, i get it poppin’ like a n-gg- hittin’ w-lly’s hoe
or an ollie hoe, or a molly hoe
run a train on yo b-tch, that’s a trolley hoe
don’t try me how i do you like dej loaf
you want to go to heaven so bad, here’s a halo
my gun sing like j lo, you better get low like limbo
before you catch a couple shots for yo kinfolk
i’m rambo with the ammo, i don’t never let go
money kinda stick to me, call me juice velcro
say you gettin’ money now, f-ck n-gg- h-ll no
you don’t like adidas but this choppa give you sh-ll toes
this choppa’ give you sh-ll toes
and leave yo -ss dancin’ on the floor like a red nose
beam on my gun, that’s a red nose
pull up on the scene, let the sh-t blow
yonkers, yonkers, in this b-tch with westwood, man

[verse 4]
yeah, let’s do it, oof, got a lil’ more bounce to it, don’t it?
uhh uhh, i’ve been going through a lot as of lately
you can call me crazy
b-tches wanna play me
really i got blueprints
feelin’ like i’m jay-z
my flow in the morning, westwood no sway b
that’s just how it is, boy
my flow so brazy, my flow so cool
my flow so outdated, so old school
but then n-gg- switch it up to something so new
these n-gg-s walking around like they bulletproof
’til the bullets shoot, leave the bullets through his sunroof
k!ll his son too
give a f-ck, ohh, give a f-ck
nah, not what i do
i’m the type to pull up on your youth group
with a choppa and a machete, that’s f-ckin’ useful
matter of fact, here it go
i ain’t the same n-gg- i was a year ago
i feel like jesus in the studio
i’m spittin’ miracles, i’m in that white whip
what you call that sh-t? a miracle
f-ck yo b-tch from the back singing [?] spirituals
got a seal, like fate, like a f-ckin’ envelope
i ain’t dope, i’m anti-dope, word to travis
you run up, that’s okay, you gettin’ played like lenny kravitz
i never had a father, like i said i’m such a b-st-rd
you run up, uh cool, i’ma let your brain splatter
the bullet rim rattle
i feel like shaquille in the fourth
break backboards
how i break her back when i hit it from the back, boy
i’m up to bat, boy, it’s out the park like barry bonds
you best believe that boy (huh)
i spit crack boy
i spit anything they want
i sell it and make it right back boy
you run up on me you get smacked, boy
you get smacked like a b-tch and a pimp running laps boy
i’m running sh-t like gym cl-ss on your b-tch -ss
leave you leaking like maxi pads, grab a tampax
i pull up on ’em with two guns, they attached
knocked ’em out, ping ping ping, boxing match (uh)
but my flow is unmatched, my flow is outmatched
my flow is so hard, your flow is wack
my flow is so crack, your flow is so me
my flow is so k!ll, your flow is so eeeh
i don’t got time for it
suck on my d-ck, tell your b-tch to come over and swallow my kids
choppa’ on my hip i had to hollow my tips
hallowed be thy name, pray to catch his -ss slippin’
pull up on his -ss leave him leakin’ i get ’em
walkin’ with a limp .40 heavy like i’m pimpin’
matter fact i have ’em dancin’ when i shoot it crippin’
n-gg-s talkin’ stupid ’til that n-gg- end up missin’
ufc when i fight ’em i put ’em submission
hand on a smith and, i’ma go and get ’em
stevie wonder with it, still got 20/20 vision
you can’t f-ck with me (uh) you can’t f-ck with me (huh)
i’m like a bad std b-tch you stuck with me (huh)
.40 on my hip i up it on me luckily (huh)
rushin’ hours, like i said got chrissie tuck with me (aye)
couple n-gg-s that’s bound to not give a f-ck with me (huh)
just in case these other n-gg-s try f-ck with me (uh)
kept my wits about me luckily, you know i’m smart (uh)
i’ve been flying through the air i feel like bonaparte (uh)
keep two b-tches in my circle like i’m noah’s arc (uh)
f-ck with me i up that choppa’ tear your bones apart (uh)
felt my grove on this track now i’m goin’ (huh)
in too deep with this rap sh-t the ocean (uh)
i’m a flow of the purple, the potion (uh)
i’ma catch me a op in the open (uh)
i make this sh-t look easy while you strugglin’
i’m ballin’ triple doublin’ while you doublin’
i exposed like shrooms get it? i be truffilin’
it’s terry crews with this sh-t you know i’m musclin’
watchin’ regular show laughin’ at muscle man
chip on my shoulder it’s lookin’ like a pringles can
desert eagle on my hip, i’m not a eagles fan
you know i’m from chicago they my people man (yeah)
try me if you wanna
i’ll smoke you like a back whip full of marijuana
matter fact you run up on me you don’t want no drama
i’ma leave you scratched like a dj after dj drama touched it
i don’t give a f-ck, i’m on my f-cked sh-t
i’m k!llin’ n-gg-s like they on my bucket list
i turn my bucket list into a f-ckin’ f-ck it list
so when i k!ll i walk away like f-ck it, sh-t
i be on my f-ck it sh-t
matter fact me and g-money hittin’ the dealership
pullin’ up in the chrysler like john dillinger
rich as f-ck like, “d-mn, is you drug dealin’ b-tch?”
nah, i’m rappin, used to be trappin’
n-gg-s was actin’
cops h-t the door i hid the c-ke in the napkin
i was shootin’ cr-ps takin’ money
takin’ cr-ps on all these n-gg-s takin’ naps on me
they was sleepin’
westwood they was sleepin’
couldn’t believe ’em
now i’m the type to beat the beat up ’til it’s bleedin’
choke it out ’til the m-th-‘ f-ckers barely breathin’
they ain’t know a rockstar could rap like this
i’ma mc off the high-tech mixed with high-c
you don’t want that
shoot you in your stomach that sh-t hard to digest
make a art project out the projects
shoot you in your eyes put the sh-t in prospect
lookin’ at your mindset, i’m beyond that
i’m beyond that
i like this beat
this beat like me
i check this beat
this beat nike
these shoes on my feet
these sh-ts pricey
like thirteen hunnid (huh)
you know i run it
i pull up in hummers
you know i roll with them gunners
i feel like birdman stunner (uh)
you don’t want no problems
i give you cancer with this bullet
you can catch this trauma (uh)
man i know you heard the rumours
n-gg-s beefin’ all over computers
until i catch ’em lackin’ in my city
beat him in his head until he catch a tumour
tell his momma that i did it, she confused
“why my baby all over the f-ckin’ news?”
“what the f-ck my baby went and f-ckin’ did?”
he prolly’ went and f-cked with juice the kid
thats my old name, now it’s juice wrld
went to a different planet
now i’m up in two worlds
f-ck that sh-t i’m up in two girls
diamonds and pearls, i’m ruling the world
revenge on my body b-tch cause thats my state of mind
stevie wonder like i said before cause i’ma rob you blind
i got all these answers that these n-gg-s search to find
and they b-tches kinda bad i’ma have to get behind
hit it from the back until i f-ckin’ break her spine
after that i may just have to go and take whats mine
yeah yeah turn on that mob deep sh-t

[verse 5]
uhuh uh uhuh uh oh
ain’t no such thing as half way
ain’t no such thing as half way
ain’t no such thing as half way gangsters
you in them hallways, you ain’t in the streets
n-gg-s really thinking that it’s cool to make beef
and become enemies of enemies
how come all of my enemies was friends to me
how come all my enemies is frienemies
how come all my enemies is blind
i catch ’em lackin’ and k!ll ’em before i read all they energy
i guess that’s my energy
i don’t know whats gotten’ into me
i’m kinda f-cked up, well at least mentally
physically i’m richer than a b-tch, who i’m meant to be
i’m up in london gettin’ in bustin’
head like concussion
run up that’s okay i swear to god that its nothin’
all these n-gg-s be beefin’ really they bluffin’
i’ma change the money like it’s a subject
thinkin’ nothin’ of it
f-ckin’ b-tches in public
callin’ a ruckers
causin’ a ruckus
i’m a boondock n-gg-
i’m feelin’ like uncle ruckus
off the dome when i’m kickin’
freestyle i don’t do the writtens
i don’t f-ck with cats, so i be beatin’ up the kitten
i don’t f-ck with scr-ppin’ so i’m grippin’ on that smith and
if you want it come and get it, sixty shots in sixty seconds
had to k!ll ’em in a minute
my flow is intimate, white it out like it’s eminem
really i keep on k!llin’, my bars are really intricate
man, i love it when i spit heat
these n-gg-s think that they can get me, they can’t get me
you rich than a b-tch, h-ll nah n-gg- convince me
i leave that n-gg- cooked up like mincemeat
i use his head as a centerpiece
i get duff and clinton money like my name hilary
i spit like i’m on a ministry
you run up on me i’m k!llin’
my choppa’ on me, that’s my mini-me (uhha yeah)
that’s my mini-me
i keep it in the trunk of the beemer that’s where its ‘posed to be
that’s where its meant to be, that’s where i’m meant to be
uh uh, hold on
let me catch my vibe
f-ck your b-tch be mad if she blow my high
suck my d-ck in a f-ckin’ suicide
after that catch a drift and commit suicide
xanny and the percy i’m a whole different person
even if i’m high as f-ck, i’m in the studio working
ball like julius erving, f-ck with me you hit the curb
curb stomp a n-gg- before he could say a word
yeah, and that’s on my life
you lookin’ for my son, i’ll put that in your wife
you run up, that’s okay, i got my .45
it’s a fifty up in it, shoot his -ss forty times
i gave my choppa a t-tty, that b-tch busty
these n-gg-s talking stupid, they crusty
smoking on the stank sh-t, musty
real -ss n-gg- sh-t i must be, (huh yeah)
sh-t i must be
pull up on the scene, that’s just me
i don’t need a team but i got two teams
i don’t sip green, i just sip red lean
double cup filled up got me stumblin’
flippin’ the work up, its jesse white tumblin’
i got the sack i called a player i ain’t fumblin’
i shoot his -ss then he crawled a car under it
ill blow up, c4’s i may just detour (huh)
pull up on ’em like ooh
hold on let me catch this b-tch
finna’ give ’em uh
back on spittin’ the crack ho
full of sh-t they call me a -sshole
shy? h-ll no just a little bashful
brick h-ll yeah, got a little cash flow
i spent a hunnid k within a month
i spent fifty k on a blunt
you ain’t smokin’ what i’m smokin’ lil’ boy
big loud, your sh-t makin’ no noise
real n-gg-, they a bunch of decoys
run up on me then they gettin’ destroyed
who the f-ck brought in these boys
who the f-ck tottin’ all these toys
thirty and that .40 make ’em act up
kinda like a cha-cha slide he back up
pourin’ that in the back of the truck
with a b-tch that like to act up
i still get my d-ck sucked
i don’t spit lines, i still got pick up
the truck got pick up, your b-tch get picked up
i still get my d-ck sucked
we and westwood lit as a b-tch
i give a sh-t i’m a hit
i hit the b-tch then i’m gone
i hit that b-tch like the lick
i tell that b-tch suck a d-ck
i tell her swallow my kids
i tell her swallow the j-zz
hopefully she get the gist
the word play is way better than these other n-gg-s
i’m so smooth i could prolly f-ck your mother n-gg-
after that i may just double back and hit yo’ babysitter
in the paint like shaquille o’neal cause i babied n-gg-s
shake it up like earthquakes lil’ haiti n-gg-
i’m not on xbox, nah, you can’t play me n-gg-
4:44 my gun like jay-z
huh ahuh this n-gg- crazy
lookin’ at my dad like “you made me?”
b-tch, i made myself, is you crazy? (uuf)
is you crazy? you couldn’t pay me to say that
n-gg- couldn’t pay me
uh uhuh uh
i wanna keep goin’ on this b-tch
uhuh uh uhuh uh
uhuh uhuh uh
westwood type sh-t
i remember growin’ up watchin’ westwood freestyles
thinkin’ i would be here one day
i use to hope for it, dream for it, wish for it, pray for it
look what happened on a f-ckin’ sunday
i pull up on ’em like makonnen and drake with the choppa’
’cause the club goin’ up on a tuesday
it’s 2012 and this glock when i up it you a mayan
i’ma end yo sh-t this is doomsday (oo)
yeah, and that’s some wordplay and this what i say
i keep it three k like my name andre (uh yea)
and this some wordplay, and this some wordplay
this some uh, this some uh, this some uh, this some
yeah, yeah, yeah
i don’t wanna feel it if the feelin’ is real
i’m matrix when i pop these xannies, that’s a limitless pill
i’m dying to live
f-ck it i’ma live it again
yo girl gave up the p-ssy, she gon’ give it again
and the crib prolly’ hittin’ her friends
gettin’ it in, money in my pockets that i’m willin’ to spend
at the door, knock knock, please lettin’ ’em in
i ball like a letterman hotter than a sweater then
pull up on the scene choppa’ on me, the beretta twin
and your head like barrettes make you shake like tourettes
run up on me leave you left
matter fact intercept, take a sec
breaking bad with this sh-t, crystal meth
freestyle off the dome, i don’t write, too exciting
told you i’m the man and these hoes really like it
my b-tch strapped up but no she not dyking
run up that’s okay you gone die from the fire
.40 on my hip boy i don’t live a lie
treat you like you christ, with the sh-t crucified (huh)
yeah you get crucified
i don’t f-ck with sh-t so i ain’t gettin’ scrutinized
i’m high as a b-tch
i’m fly as a b-tch
you girl, gon’ f-ck her she goin’ bye in the b-tch
run up on me, that’s okay, cause you gon’ die in the b-tch
click clack pow pow, homicide in the b-tch
freestyle off the dome i won’t lie in this b-tch
f-ck a pen and a pencil i won’t write in this b-tch
feel like the buddha or something
i’m enlightened and sh-t
feel like i’m lightning or something
how i’m strikin’ and sh-t
off the dome when i’m kickin’ and spittin’ the flows hoe
pull up on the scene freeze it, i call it a snowglobe
matter fact i’m on cold and colder than ozone
colder than frozone, colder than ozone
i freeze up the ozone
walkin’ yo hoes home, my d-ck in yo hoes dome
f-ck is you on
i’am chillin’ in the green like a bunch of croutons
gettin’ top from a bad b-tch on a futon
i remember days i used to skip school to crack cars
and crack bars and went too far off the xan bars
i forgot them days, i still remember em
my life is so cold, sometimes i december it
then again it switches up to the point where i ember it
hot and these n-gg-s be jealous, see how they envy it
pull up on the scene, my choppa’ too close to me
i guess our relationships intimate
i close my eyes so i can lock in
tourist with the glizzy, i call her the glock twin
try the judge a n-gg-, i told ’em they cochran
i won’t f-ck the b-tch but she wanted my c-ck in
i pull up to the scene my head is noddin’
off the lean chillin’, i’m speaker knockin’
rest in peace man, that sh-t was horrible (uh)
look at that b-tch, her -ss adorable (uh)
i just made explorer, i feel like dora hoe (uh)
i was on the scene spittin’ metaphoricals (uh)
what i said in that one song
a black black, a white b-tch, a black b-tch
that’s a oreo (uh)
got the sh-t sealed like a f-ckin’ envelope (uh)
pull up on the scene with the choppa’ let it go (uh)
i’ma hunt ’em down like his -ss a antelope (uh)
tote cold with the ice it’s a eskimo (uh uh uh)
had to let ’em know (uh)
load it up, i let it breath, i let it go (uh)
f-cked the b-tch, i let it be, i let her go (uh)
uhuh uhh
switch up the beat gang

[verse 6]
uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
westwood sh-t
yeah warmed up and sh-t
jet lag sh-t
represent chicago (yeah uh)
sometimes i feel like i’m the worst
this talent is a gift and a f-ckin’ curse
this choppa to take you out the f-ckin’ earth
specially if you walkin’ on my f-ckin’ turf
i feel like ferg how a n-gg- put in work
r. kelly with the nina ima make it flirt
choppa like a candy make the sh-t starburst
look up in the sky, do the stars work?
i’m thinkin that i need percs
my mom said thats a d-mn shame and i need work
she say “f-ck that sh-t i need church”
i said “f-ck that sh-t the church need work”
and thats real
i’m happy so its time to take some mad pills
i’m happy so its time to take some sad pills
f-ck a b-tch and put her voice up on the adlibs
ima probably do that
.40 on my hip yeah ima prolly’ shoot that
bad b-tch in my dms ima prolly’ do that
hit the gang up and let them run through that
this is off the top like waves in the do-rag
ali your eye blue black
that’s just how we do that
that’s just how we
spazin’ on they -ss do that sh-t all day
rock gucci and louis but i dont f-ck with balmains
out the park like a mu’f-ckin’ baseball game
i’m barak obama with it i need all change
shoot him in his face a couple times like a gun range
call of duty with the uzi, this is not a gun game
i run this sh-t like bolt n-gg-, no usain
i do thangs n-gg-, yeah i do thangs
off the dome when i spit sh-t
this is not a writtin’
and these other n-gg-s they be forgettin
that i’m the best to ever f-ckin do this
these other n-gg-s lookin’ stupid
betrayin they brothers like who the f-ck is you? judas?
who the f-ck put you to it?
choppa on my hip, i load it and put it through you
catch me listenin’ to green day havin’ a blue day
with a bad b-tch sippin’ on d’ussé
she’ll go both ways, anything for foreplay
that’s what i say
thats what i say, im so high of the percs
they lookin’ at me sideways
im goin’ 190, the wrong way on the highway
tryna get my life straight
catch me drunk drivin in the suburban
with a n-gg-, the bomb strapped on his chest and a turban
i deserve it, im ballin hard like i’m julius erman
i meant julius erving
i keep sippin’ the burbon mis it with the syrup turn to a serpent
one things for sure, two things for certain they blow like kurtis
my flow close curtains
your flow ain’t workin’
so n-gg- keep on searchin’
im sure one day you’ll find that person
everybody talking lucid dreams
but most these n-gg-s don’t even know lucid mean
most of these b-tches be really f-ckin’ losin’ me
eeny meeny miny moe, these hoes get to choosin me
i remember when i ain’t have sh-t
they was treatin’ me like i ain’t have sh-t
they was treatin me like i was lower cl-ss
they was treatin me like i was a savage
now they in my dms tryna say
“juice you can have it, come over grab it”
i dont wanna have it
i let my bro cut it like he f-ckin’ stabbed it
taboe with the glizzy how i’m jabbin’
how i’m jabbin’
man spendin’ money is a bad habit
but i ball out with this sh-t, i’m a maverick
make em disappear like magic
call a plane then i execute like madden
off a flat in a bad b-tch house
tryna’ get it crackin’ from the back end (yeah hm)
uh uh uh uh yeah
uh uh uh uh yeah
fresh off the jet
freestyle and sh-t
eminem beats, 8mile and sh-t
where i came from the great wild and sh-t
where you would get shot if you crack smiles and sh-t
all my n-gg-s goin’ too hard and sh-t
i’ll pull your b-tch like a card and sh-t
heard she for sale i’m bargainin’
at the door, i’m barging in
yellow boned like marge again
i spread her out like margarine
i just marchin’ in
feelin’ like a spartan kid

[verse 7]
see how versatile i can get (uhuh)
okay, i’ll say a few words on this
ohh aye uh mm mm mm
okay look
high as f-ck, drunk as f-ck
in the back of the car like what the f-ck
bad b-tch at the crib, high as f-ck off the drugs, suck me up
i was high, not her
she was sober, tryna’ get a upper cut
hit em in the stomach with the choppa’ til the f-ck n-gg- had enough
freestyle sh-t that they take years to think up, thats true
pull up on the scene, leave em inked up choppa’ like a tattoo
you ain’t know, she ain’t know, he ain’t know
n-gg-, i’m that dude
matter fact make you break your back like break dance, old school
freestyle type to pull up, put the gun to your youth group
matter fact take a chain on your wrist, slave you up useful
h-ll yeah ya b-tch i meant use you
beat it up, beat it up, mike tyson i abuse you
flow gold, so cold like diamonds f-ck that rose gold
.40 on me it’ll sneeze, grab a kleenex got a bad cold
pull up on him, hit him in his face twice, now he got a bad nose
i’m the type to pull up on the scene full of sh-t like a -sshole
my flow is so cold, my flow is so cold its so cool
these n-gg-s so lame, these n-gg-s so old im so new
pull up on the scene just me no guys i’m solo
feel like kudi cause i’m still rockin’ the dolo
box all on my logo, you b-tch she a hoe hoe
stick on me yeah the stick on and its super big, no h-m-
n-gg-s talking that dumb sh-t hit em in his ears, no dumbo
not in my house with a tumble
left right left right, thats a combo
i’ma serve it like cilantro
k!ll a n-gg- in his condo
then i f-ck his b-tch his condo
i hit this og, let his mom know
i am the bomb hoe, i blow up just like a bomb hoe
just let your mom know
juice he got that old sound flow (yeah)
i ain’t ever gotta write (uuhh)
im the sh-t to these n-gg-s like d-mn
do i ever gotta wipe (yuuh)
pull up on em with the gun like d-mn
that n-gg- finna die (yeah)
ima overk!ll overk!ll [?] (yeah aye)
r.i.p. to my fallin’ ones, i just lost my brother, for real (uh)
im sick of lookin’ at the news, i may lose another, for real (yuh)
everybody keep on snitchin on em, they ain””t undercovers, for real (yuh)
its how i catch em lackin’ sleepin with each others under covers for real (yuh)
sh-t gets real out here
withdrawals a b-tch, ive been takin too many pills out here
tryna live out here, no advils
f-cked the b-tch on my adlibs
said that twice cause sh-t is mad real
westwood throw on some different sh-t
im still rappin’ on it ’cause im showin’ the distance between me and these other n-gg-s
like i said i can f-ck your mother n-gg-
like i said i can f-ck your baby sitter
like i said i’m here to baby n-gg-s, for real

[verse 8]
hmm, that was interesting
whats that genre called?
uk drill, okay uuh
it kinda sound like chicago drill though
sound like some dj l sh-t
you know dj l? you heard dj l? yeah
uhuh yeah
lets see how long i could rap
lets see how long they could act
i was just up in the trap
i had my gun in my lap
i shoot a n-gg- like crabs
i shake up, i dont do dab
run up on me then i run up on him with that chopper he hittin’ the lab
i add it up i add the bodies up that is the aftermath
up in school he wanna fight, i beat him up after cl-ss
then i meet at the next cl-ss and beat him up after that
i had the last laugh
bombin’ like baghdad, where my dad at?
guess he a bad dad, that was his last chance
i am the last man, they k!lled everyone of my n-gg-s
i am the last man, this is the last stand, i got the big bands
ay, i could rap on anything, married to a wedding ring yuh
need a crown i been the king yuh, n-gg-s funny, jerry spring-yuh
i don’t got time for it nuh, i just write time for it yuh
pull up on him, god d-mn, i’m a up the odd got a nine for it yuh
i feel like a chiropractor when i get it crackin’ ima crack a spine
i’m a f-ck a b-tch so good, she gon’ let me hit it from behind yuh
matter fact i pull up on you wit’ a chopper to yo brain and change your mind yuh
im at the top of the top, but its still more to climb yuh
i change the climate, pull up on him im shining
two tone skeleton a.p on the way rolly diamonds
n-gg-s talkin’ down to me, but all this n-gg-s under me
actin’ like some pirates, cause they tryna rob and plung-e me
but i ain’t got no time, i just got my 40, and i got your shawty
off of the molly, up in the party, she actin’ naughty
i tell her sorry i cannot f-ck, i wanna play her like an atari
i just made [?], gotta go to paris, coolin with [?] yuh
vlone on me uh yeah, revenge on me yuh aye, thats your homie
i may k!ll him f-ck your homie yuh aye, thats by my lonely
only wanted me no cloney, i can’t f-ck her if she not thick, cause i really
don’t f-ck with the boneys
yeah hm
f-ck 12, i don’t f-ck wit’ the police
these n-gg-s, fake friends, hatin’, thinkin’ that they know me
i got the force like obi-wan, last name ken-bi
course i’m with a white b-tch, still catching the nose bleeds

[verse 9]
oh, aye, i [?]
that’s my sh-t
this beat hard as f-ck
what that n-gg- blocboy say? you come h-ll, hahaha
from the chi, from the chi, look alive
i’ve been working like a d-mn 9 to 5 all my life
put my d-ck in your wife
double back, hit it twice
run up on me that’s ok, you a p-ssy get shot 9 times
i’m in the cut with a super soaker, run up on me and you know it’s over
all of my n-gg-s they doin, doin the work like they doin homework
all of my n-gg-s be whippin the work
probably selling it at church
run up on me you get murked
ima put you in a he-rs-
ay, ay, they don’t understand
i got the upper hand
poppin like rubber bands
i may k!ll your friend, i may k!ll your man
then i may just f-ck you on this track let’s go to j-pan
i’m up in tokyo coolin like uber, everywhere
i may shoot him in broad day i never care
look alive that sh-t bright, solar flare
home run, goin gone, it’s outta here
me and westwood smokin on the backwood
pre rolled, filled it good that’s a packed wood
i may just pop some perkies
i pray to god they workin
sh-t cut too deep surgeon, pull up on the scene i’ll murk him
turn to a whole different person
flex on a b-tch like percules
matter fact call me hercules
same ol person
f-ck on that b-tch, she from taiwana
i cannot roll wood, with my marijuana
i am not with the dj, dj drama
andre with the cash, cash the commas
look alive, please look alive
cuz if you look too late f-ck it then you may die
i’m just coolin trap house
skate on them n-gg-s no black out
i ain’t with the flirtin at all, but b-tch i got the mac out
that sh-t dead bernie mac now
tell them n-gg-s to calm down
i feel like osam now, f-ck the sh-t i’m the bomb now
i’m just vibin on em
i’m just high tryna survive-
(keep this beat goin, i f-ck with this sh-t)
look alive, look alive
jet lag but i still look alive, jet lag but i still look alive
i only slept for an hour, that’s on the plane
but im still here, lit as a b-tch these n-gg-s be lame
run up on me then i’m sn-tching your life, and i’m sn-tching your chain, probably sn-tching your main
i’m kickin this sh-t like, off of the brain
half of these n-gg-s can’t do it
half of em probably look stupid
run up on me then i do it
i got my hand on my tool
i use that b-tch like a toilet
flush on that b-tch i enjoy it
i just went on a voyage, yeah i just went on a voyage
these shoes cost your mortgage
(ay i definitely want to drop a remix to this sh-t, like officially, this beat hard as f-ck)
ay, ay, look, these shoes cost your mortgage
and these b-tches imported
pull up on the scene i’ll torch em
ball on them n-gg-s full court
whippin in the trap no fort
i need a sport
i get some head from yo b-tch cuz i swear that b-tch is a dork
run up on him with the chopper, i swear ima shoot em for real i don’t show no remorse
nah i don’t show no remorse
shoot em in his head of course
that’s what we aim at
thats what we bang at
n-gg-s switching over money that’s where they change at
i cannot change over change
b-tch i’m remaining the same
i’m screaming f-ck all the games, i’ll put a shot through your gang
ion give a f-ck what you say
i’m getting money all day
[?] goin bald think i need a toupee
cross the street the b-tch go both ways
freestyle sh-t no write
you couldn’t pay me to write
i got a .40 on my hip like d-mn you n-gg-s couldn’t pay me to fight
n-gg-s couldn’t pay me to die
losin too many n-gg-s out this time
what’s juice wrld on? that n-gg- probably out his mind
well, look alive, do or die
free my n-gg-, he did the time
he ain’t do the crime
don’t believe me i ain’t lyin
i ain’t tellin, die

[verse 10]
o.k. let’s skate
bad b-tch finna come my way
going 90 when i’m on the highway
can’t go high without the high aye
everyday i wake up smoke another gram
ion give a f-ck nor another d-mn
i’m smokin the kush from the hoover d-mn
ima let these b-tches know who i am
i can make whole songs without messin up
gotta fess up, i feel like i’m next up
bad lil b-tch in the car named vanessa
she’s a flexa and a s-xta
yeah, aye, s-xt her and finesse her
then it’s next yuh, then it’s next yuh
bow flex from the way sh-t work out
choppa leave a n-gg- shaking like it’s twerk out
tyson, i may knock his lights out
like i said shawty strapped she tryna dyk- now
run up on me talkin sh-t you wanna die now
choppa workin kinda like a 9 to 5 now
switch the flow up
drinking henny with the lean, til i throw up
almost spent 2k on a bottle of some henny
ion even drink that heavy, what the f-ck gotten in me
tote’n on the semi
hardaway when i’m ballin these n-gg-s comparin me to penny
spare change? h-ll nah keep the pennies
ballin hard f-ck a jersey need a penny
caught a fat n-gg- lacking he was up at denny’s
he don’t want smoke but we got plenty
i’m on bullsh-t like chicago, no benny
i’m in london gettin it jumpin
run up on me and i’m uppin the .40, it ain’t nothin
all of my n-gg-s be makin this money, no -ssumption
i goin f-ck the bacon til that h-rny b-tch c-mmin
watch a n-gg- vomit
like i said my momma really think that i’m demonic
mom let’s be honest
it’s money in my pockets
i feel like a angel with these devil horns stop it
you don’t want no problems
like wayne said cool what’s a goon to a goblin
what’s a god without a goddess, so i need me a goddess
f-ck being humble sh-t i’m done being modest
nah i’m playin, all this sh-t a blessin
catch this chopper into yo intestines
mic check 1-2 testin
pull up on the scene slim wrestlin
me and westwood straight flexin
i just may drop a hundred on a necklace
i just may drop a hundred on my next b-tch
flexin on the x b-tch
uh, i do that in private
my gun a librarian that b-tch came with a silencer
yes i’m for the violence
i still want peace tho
yes i got a girlfriend these n-gg-s do hoes
pull up on the scene like kick sh-t like judo
i’m the type-
(that beat hard, i ain’t never really listen to instrumentals, like you know like the instrumentals of the songs and sh-t? these b-tches be hard)

[verse 11]
plug walk
you know you ain’t the plug, so how you make the plug walk
boy yo plug ain’t the plug of he tell you that the plug walk
f-ck the cookies i been smokin on the kush luke skywalker
2 grams to the face it’ll make a n-gg- sky walk
lean like a b-tch
choppa on my hip i gotta beam in that b-tch
heat you up and your team in that b-tch
things ain’t really what they seem in that b-tch
me and bibby gettin busy in like every beat
i’m like miami when i’m on the scene i always keep the heat
n-gg-s must be virgins thinkin they can f-ck with me
wits about me luckily it’s on me luckily
.40 on me like velcro it’s stuck to me
keep it on my hip holst it up comfortably
freestyle flows, they some wannabes
back in yo b-tch with the swiftness
taylor with the sh-t feel like swift b-tch
pull up on the scene rockin misfits
ever since a kid i was a misfit
still did my d-mn thing never gave a f-ck
n-gg-s talkin stupid til i pull up make em duck
choppa kinda hungry better heat him up for lunch
better heat him up for lunch
ima let it breath like a asthma attack
come and step to me if you gon battle the rap
i was on the scene with my mac yeah my mac
shoot em in his chest now he asthma attack
cardiac arrest like he mj
rip he was the greatest what can i say
ballin on these n-gg-s like mj
you like an old play but you been played
outdated, all these n-gg-s belated
belated, outdated, all these n-gg-s belated
look, came in the game flexin like ive been famous
d-mn right like i’ve been famous
.40 on me got to shooting b-tch i been aimin
n-gg-s false claimin sh-t b-tch i been bangin
try me if you wanna
you don’t want no smoke but i want it
you don’t want no smoke don’t condone it
pull up on the scene of my opponents
spazz on they -ss run it like track
sh-t so cold run that sh-t back
got so much drive if i crash this sh-t muf-ckas, muhf-ckas, may just catch whiplash
me and westwood in the rari
where you at we shootin up the party
bad b-tch and she rollin off the molly
dreads on my head feel gnarly
og in the blunt bob marley
dej loaf with the sh-t don’t try me
.40 stick a n-gg- in his face no iv
smoke a n-gg- like a blunt no eye ring
flow go so cray
shout out to them pirus, flow go so bray
pull up to the scene with my hand on my k
shoot a n-gg- in his face, f-ck you have a nice day
i just may hit the ice tray
i just may hit up go that way
ima roll off on the segway
i’m takin off these n-gg-s on a drag race
n-gg-s auto tuning like they t-pain
n-gg-s workin out they outta shape
f-ckin with me cool you gon die today
h-ll yeah im gripping on my 5 today

[verse 12]
run up on me then you catchin’ a funeral
i scratch it off write it in roman numerals
i f-cked that b-tch in the back and i swear that i never loved her i just want to hit her
i f-cked that b-tch now i’m hitting her sister
run up on me you get spin like a twister
told you before i don’t f-ck with these n-gg-s
i got my hand on on my hand on my trigger
imma go get ’em, she on my d-ck hoppin’, i’m callin’ her tigger
i tell her “go figure”

[verse 13]
uh-uh, yeah
uh, this one for the legend, uh
i feel like a king, and these other n-gg-s peasants, uh
we should take another n-gg- loss as a lesson, uh
hopefully i’m finna meet these n-gg-s up in heaven, uh
i feel like i’m lost in my mind sometimes, uh
i feel like i’m dropped like a dime sometimes, uh
i’m just trying to find out what’s mine sometimes, uh
i’m just trying to find out what’s mine sometimes, uh, ayy
i get lost in the sauce way too often
uh, bought my soul back like i f-ckin’ sold it
uh, aye, huh, this sh-t cold, this sh-t scolding
yuh, ayy, i wonder what happens when my life over
sometimes i think it’s coming up
i think they runnin’ up
so yes, i’ma keep my .40 tucked
i cannot go out, i cannot go out
i will not go out, i gotta show out
i ball too hard on these n-gg-s, it’s a blowout
yeah, it’s a blowout
uh, yeah, ayy
suicide if you try to take my drugs
suicide if you try to take my drugs
suicide if you try to take my drugs
homicide, baby would you hold my gun?
suicide if you try to take my drugs
live a lie, look at all the sh-t you’ve done, uh
suicide if you try to take my drugs
homicide, go on and hold my gun
specify, all the lies you’ve told
look at me, what am i on?
percy, molly, xanny, all that sh-t in one mix
i’m so high that i cannot remember to forget
matter of fact, let’s just take a sec
rest in peace to the n-gg-s that left
rest in peace to the n-gg-s that left
and praise all the n-gg-s that’s left
i feel like i’m up in my prime
but who am i gon’ share my prime with?
who am i gon’ share my time with?
sometimes it’s just perfect timing
singing like i’m cece winans
d-mn, this sh-t’s unwinding
yuh, yeah, yeah, ayy
suicide if you try to take my drugs
homicide if you try to rob my plug, ayy
homicide if you try to take my gun
i’ma hit a lick like i smack that tongue, yeah
suicide if you try to take my drugs
homicide if you try to rob my plug
homicide if i’m reaching for my gun
i’m not the one, i’m not the one, ayy
i’m sad, i know, yeah
i’m sad, i know, yeah
i’m not the one, yeah
i’m not the one, yeah

[verse 14]
uh, it’s been a long time comin’
but i’m still here
everybody talking ’bout they numb or something (wait)
can you feel h-ll
all this fake sh-t around me is this some real h-ll?
all this sober sh-t around me is there some pills h-ll?
for real, i need to know
i need to know
my mama tell me that i need to let ’em go
she say the syrup in these pills finna k!ll me
but sometimes i think it brings out the real me
sometimes i think it brings out the concealed me
sometimes i think it exposes and reveals me
so what happens when the real meets the real
what happens when juice meets the pills
uh-uh-uh, yeah
westwood sh-t
i’m up in london
gettin’ it bussin’
ain’t no disscusion, run up on me then i’m drummin’
my choppa sick or something
like it was drunk i up it it’d start to vomit (ooh)
that’s a bar
lookin’ at my watch like that’s a star (huh)
lookin’ at my sp-ceship like that’s a car (huh)
lookin’ at my pills, them xanny bars, nah
in 2016 i was poppin’ them xannies
now i’m in percies
lastin’ forever in [? 59:54]
run up on me goin’ harder than granny
sit down muhf-cker ’cause i know you can’t stand it
outlandish, i’m gorilla in the mesh
you just a kung fu panda
i ain’t sippin’ clean nothin’, this some dirty fanta
with a b-tch on my lap like my first name santa
you get jacked like a pumpkin, no o’lantern, uh
vvs on my ring like the green lantern you gon’ kiss it like a mafia king
i’m a boss, that’s a mafia thing
808 my chopper that’s a mafia thing, yeah, uh
yeah, i did it
mom, i made it
from goin’ to physics cl-ss, to
tourin’ the world, sh-ttin’ on everybody, the world is my potty
i’m sh-tting on every possy
and i don’t even got a team like that
i aim with my eye, i don’t need a beam like that
run up on me, choppa make you sing like that
make you march like martin luther king, in fact
i’m blacked, and excellent
i’m sh-ttin’ on these n-gg-s, this is a excrement
i rapped on another beat that’s some extra sh-t
you n-gg-s gon’ have to deal with the mess of it
i thought i told yo’ -ss not to mess wit’ it
i see this sh-t before i say it, telepathy
it’s like i talk to my conscious, i say what it’s tellin’ me
anything besides money, eh, it’s kinda irrelevant
i can’t focus without codeine, my medicine
i sip it until i’m slurrin’ and spittin’ impediments
i’m ballin’ to the point where i think i need a letterman
westwood at the gates of london, he just had to let ’em in
i’m here, spazzin’ on every single track he p-ss
you run up, i leave you leakin’ on a maxipad
i’m ballin’, hard, these other n-gg-s on the bench
i swear, they need to stay where they at
n-gg-, i’m takin’ over the world, a map for a map
i’m off of a ecstasy pill, that’s a flat for a flat
i’m up to bat, throw a fastball, it’s a hit
i hit a lick, then i hit a hit on yo’ b-tch i don’t miss
listen, i heard yo’ b-tch on my hitlist
i hit that b-tch, then i’m dippin’
you run up on me, i’m shootin’
that choppa on me is spittin’
my wordplay is amazing
my flow is so brazy (huh)
i’m shakin’ sh-t up like i said, no haiti
this is freestyle sh-t, it’s authentic
my flow, it burns n-gg-s
careers is -rs-nic (uh)
my flow badder than bad women
i rock shows like kravitz and john lennon
yo’ sins ain’t forgivin’
i’m the rap god, call me juice allah
did i take it too far?
did i take two bars, to get on mars?
to more like [? 1:02:28] (hold on)
i got a little tongue twisted, but i’m still gifted
still spittin’, still rippin’ writtens
this premonition is really k!llin’ it
and these n-gg-s ain’t sh-t
but civics, me i’m bentley
get it, b-tch
don’t you forget it
the sh-t that you talking, i really lived it (uh)
i sold my soul then bought it back, i finessed ’em (uh)
you run up on me, choppa holy it’ll bless ’em (uh)
he talking stupid ’till they shoot him, that’s my weapon (uh)
i got a couple of bars i could spit
maybe i’ll just use ’em in this sh-t
or maybe i’ll just use ’em in a skit
my first guess, they wanted sh-t
my next project, it’s gon’ be harder
my arm in the rim, really, i feel like vince carter
i’m at yo’ head n-gg-, i feel like a barber
you on the bench n-gg-, and i am a starter
i die for my sh-t n-gg-, feel like i’m a martyr
my sh-t’s off the charts
you run up, that’s okay you catch a hole to your heart
i put that on my life, and that sh-t come from the heart
i’m freestyling on live, that’s how it is
yo’ b-tch swallow the kids
she up in my crib, i’m tellin’ you how it is
man, this rap sh-t serious like xm (huh)
i ex them (huh)
i f-ck the b-tch that he’s next to (uh)
she hangin’ out, f-ck her curfew (uh)
you my son, lil’ n-gg- i birthed you
but i shine, like the pair of them church shoes
i ain’t been to church in a long time, ’cause they all lies
all the legends, where they at? they all die
well, i don’t wanna be a legend up in my prime
but, i know it’s still prime time
stars, how i shine
when they align with the planet, you know some sh-t is goin’ on
i transform like omegatron, when my favourite song is on
f-ckin’ that b-tch like the ramadan
man, i spit sh-t
so cool
i breakdance sh-t like the old school
i’m never runnin’ out of energy, i’m a suspect grippin’ this [? 1:04:35] vicinity
try me if you want, ’cause i swear it’s not gon’ end cool
i’ma prolly pull up to your cruel like, “where the f-ck is you”
c-ck it back and then i shoot
w-w-w, i can’t lose
ayy, i flew from london to chicago
money in my pockets, i may get a murciélago
that’s all that i know
shout out to my kinfolk, they know i’m totin’ ammo
in the streets they call me rambo, ain’t no peace where i’m from
but these pieces, we tote ’em, you run up on me it’s over
like a cig, we gon’ smoke ’em
i put yo’ -ss in a coma
smokin’ kush, this aroma, leave yo’ -ss in a coma
ballin’ out like i’m odom before the crack, don’t you get it?
spittin’ crack on these n-gg-s, define n-gg-s like physics
shut the f-ck up and listen, i’m ballin’ hard like a piston
n-gg- this sh-t’s enlisted just like a army lil’ n-gg-
i swear to god i’m invincible you can’t harm me lil’ n-gg-, yeah
i’m talkin’ to you
i sent you my address a couple weeks ago, you ain’t come through
’cause you know we was gon’ leave yo’ -ss dropped like a sunroof on a new coupe
haha, i talk a lotta sh-t
but it all means something

[verse 15]


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