’06 – just hush текст песни

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[verse 1]
ya know your girlfriend like this on the low
she be bumpin’ my songs
but don’t get me wrong
like chris brown, trey songz, i just do it for the ladies
but on the real
i don’t really give a f*ck how you feel
i’ve been doin’ this sh*t so long my heart got cold, i just want my millions
out for the k!ll
if you a motherf*ckin’ fake, no man, no, we can’t chill, no
dem photoshop b*tches, no man, no, i do not feel
don’t need no girlfriend ’cause i got
no time, no time, yeah
all they want is attention, i’d rather focus mine in my mind, aye

ladies do i get you h*rny (h*rny)
do i get you wet (do i get you wet)
do i make you think ’bout things that (bout things)
make you feel s*xy (make you feel s*xy)
makin’ s*x songs (since ’06)
s*x songs (since ’06)
makin’ s*x songs (since ’06)
s*x songs
you get the bawal in your mind
everytime you hear these s*x songs (since ’06)
s*x songs (since ’06)
i keep makin’ them s*x songs, hey
s*x songs, yeah yeah yeah
keep making them s*x songs
s*x songs, aye

[verse 2]
you know i’ve at it since i was sixteen
isang buong dekada nagpapraktis
got sick with the flow
now they wanna hear me more
cause they never heard a pino spit it like this
i used to kick it with the mobstaz
si gab malupit and the homie third flo’
taught me how to flow
toney chrome taught me how to smoke
now i’m tryna get the mighty dollar with the motherf*ckin’ kwartong madumi
so don’t you f*ckin’ waste my time with all your bullsh*t ’cause i got
real sh*t poppin’
tondo boy songs be poppin’
tellin’ you this ain’t even nothin’, i’m k!llin’ sh*t too easy
i say what i want, do what i want
if you don’t like it get the f*ck out my sp*ce
cuff yo chick ’cause she might wanna get down with a pino like me

- just hush текст песни