22 (freestyle, also i’m not a rapper lmao) – juulwrldd текст песни

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man twenty two yeah, twenty two
december second life was a check in
not no hotel, i was wishin’ well
juice wrld fan since twenty*eighteen
lost my soul to some mothaf*ckin lean, keep yo b*tch clean
for i dig up in her spleen, issa dream
my life is as it seem, depression ain’ no theme
you either thuggin or sad, well b*tch im both
you wasn’t there for nun but my growth
sorry baby, i don’t f*ck wit you
all those words struck, good luck
i was doin’ better without you, no doubt
it was you i was thinkin bout, but b*tch i got no clout
n*gga i’m from the south, i’ll bust a nut in yo mouth
yo p*ssy wasn’t the right route, let me turn around no sound
yo next n*gga the biggest clown
after me no other n*gga could be found
cause b*tch ill catch 2 bodies
n*ggas talk but bout no action

- juulwrldd текст песни