1st (& 2nd) christmas alone – k bibbles текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

‘twas my 1st christmas alone, and this year makes it 2, do i miss my home?
sure do, but if i go back it won’t be long
before i do what i would’ve if i ain’t move on, i’m just sayin’, ‘twas my —
1st christmas alone, this year makes it 2, still i’m all alone
i play it cool like i always have…
but, now, i’m man enough to say i miss my mom & dad

and maybe even both my brother and my sister
we used to say there’s brotherly love, and there could never be a blister
now, we’ve grown up
but we’re still petty and we’re stubborn and we’vе lost touch
maybe it’s my fault… no, wait, it couldn’t be
all of us have got our problеms but we shouldn’t be, split in 3
genuinely, i did what i could
over the course of many years, when we’re together, we’re good
there was a time when big bro was my bud
and yeah, i’ve pushed him but i know what he can be, he’s blood
onto my sister, she that knows i love her
so many traits of hers remind me of my mother
and that’s a good thing, mostly
cuz ain’t n0body perfect, even microscopic; closely — most see
everything’s perfect on the outside — about time
i’m sayin’ what i’ve felt for such a long time
i miss my fam, i hope it’s obvious
and don’t take none of this to heart because it’s me who’s havin’ problems with —
let’s just save it for the next verse
let’s just say it’s kinda sh*tty having no one when your chest hurts

jon & lizzy were supposed to come over
i even had a place to host ‘em but they both got the ‘rona
guess it’s over… nah i’m lying
cuz it’s not that serious and they’re doin’ just fine
let’s not get into that, i’ll hold back but it’s really hard knowing that the world ain’t gonna go back
maybe, i should change my attitude
maybe, i’m sick of bein’ lonely thinkin’ n0body’s compatible
last year, i almost paid the price and flew back when jonesy left, but i didn’t
it was too soon, and i knew that people would’ve thought that i was quickly quittin’ van livin’
in hindsight, how stupid? i shouldn’t give a sh*t what they were thinkin’, but i was off of the fluid
a sobering feeling realizing ain’t n0body give a sh*t, d*mn
low key, it’s feels good being missed, man


tryna make it so i can give my parents everything
don’t wanna make it before i find who gets the wedding ring
can’t have a fake just tryna take it if it doesn’t play
one and done, there can’t be a mistake
i know i couldn’t go through it
i’ve had my time alone, a couple holidays to prove it
end up solo, i’mma lose it
not even sayin’ that i’m dope but what a waste of a human, d*mn

- k bibbles текст песни