07.out of my reach – ka-flame текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[1st verse:]
this dedicated to my music –
know its been a while/
i can’t remember the last time –
i really smiled/
cause i’ve been going thru some pain –
and i just decided/
that i would write this open letter –
ain’t gone keep it private/
how long you plan to keep me grounded –
while you be a pilot?/
flying high up in the sky –
raking up the mileage/
making other n-gg-s rich –
while i still remain/
broken down for the years –
i’ve been in this game/
you got em’ laughing at my name –
cause ain’t nothing changed/
guess you mad –
cause i told you – motherf-ck the fame/
got me stressing –
i’ve been picking up weight/
screaming f-ck the world –
might just stick my d-ck in her face/
that was rude – yea i know –
but why you treat me like a dog/
messing with my blessings –
so i’m guessing through it all/
you neglecting all my rhymes –
you don’t wanna see me shine/
time i get close –
then you move the finish line/…d-mn..

[2nd verse:]
and yea you might say i’m tripping
but i really ain’t/
i can do it all for free –
is what you really think?/
but my pockets – they’re on “e” –
so i really can’t/
and yet and still –
you gotta mill sitting in the bank/
painting pictures in my mind –
of a better life/
imagine me up at the top –
though i’m scared of heights/
said it twice –
but [they] never seem to hear my voice/
make it out before you die –
is clearly the choice/
that i was left with –
it had me feeling helpless/
take a look around –
everybody being selfish/
[they] never lend a helping hand –
less its beneficial/
but time you make a couple grand –
then [they] tend to diss ya/
and when it come to fans –
man i know – its been some issues/
but i don’t understand –
when you gone – then they miss ya/
know that i’m the hottest –
but they treat me like the coldest/
21 years in this field –
so i noticed/…that you always…and i mean always….

- ka flame текст песни