3 a.m. on u street – kae draco текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]

blowing big gas buck 50 on the one way
stepping out the coupe sh*t feeling kind a runway
playing with the sharks like this any given sunday
n*ggas hate to see me come around acting like it’s monday
even though we ain’t speaking let me f*ck her one the weekend leave the p*ssy leaking got a man so we creeping
shoulda named you autumn every time i hit i fall back
your man selling nicks at night why he think he all that?
never mind him
let me slide in
where the b*tches at?
let me find them
how you say f*ck me if your ass still gonna f*ck me
now you yelling getting husky ain’t my fault you don’t trust me through the lonely night it’s only right
i control my fate and roll the dice
sh*t we always fight but tonight feeling unique
bout to slide with the gang 3 a.m. on u street

[verse 2]

swear i’m tryna change but i’m locked up on the chain
since my man died everybody feel the pain
you ever had a n*gga hate u don’t know his name
and the glock saved my life a few times lois lane like
lay a n*gga down
we don’t play around
k!ll the witness if he make a sound
first time i got a gun felt like it’s a grammy
we can’t slide in this car we gon have to steal this camry
score on a n*gga like we just hit a touchdown
heard he stay in pg but his b*tch stay in uptown
pull up on him fast like, “yea bro wassup now?”
headed round the corner before the his body even touch down
slide with my ahkie
who the f*ck gonna stop me?
heat to his face like he ordering hibachi
go to the left and we bout to make this right feds
looking at us hard like he wanna hit the lights
my man talking bout he ain’t going to the feds
just got a low cut he going back to dreads
they’ll shoot you in the back you wanna hey ahead
catch a n*gga loafin bad then we bout to get this bread
i really wanna change man i really do try
that’s her third son dead make her get her tubes tied
he did it to himself he committed suicide
said it was on sight but my n*gga u lied

- kae draco текст песни