forever found – kan wakan текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

oh father said
out of the corner of his eyes
you’re gonna walk alone today
with spiraling view in to the night
devotion fades without a warning
oh mother said
further knows forever
like light on shattered water
and now, when down and out
conceive the old golden cage
silent bones shadow the door way
as i spill into the yellow road
the path, will find me one day
at the river where we once stood
oh brother said
you’re wired up in red thread
a distant lover on a string
its light, light enough
don’t look below the ground is gone
i was cautioned to remember
there at the bottom of the stair case
i said look over my shoulder
the early leaf is not a flower
and in the fire i’m a moth for you
when the silver lining cuts in two
and in the darkness, dreary moon will do
i am forever lost
forever found with you

- kan wakan текст песни