last words (outro) – kaption текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

doing what i can

it’s a trap
living in the trap
anytime you leave
they just gotta bring you back

enemies and friends
man it never ends
stuck inside a cycle
and we do it till we dead

which is probably soon
but i’m happy your amused
can you even take a second
take a step inside my shoes
no one’s bullet proof
something i can prove
a couple people hurting
cause of what i have to do

listen to the blues
and all the different hues

will you cut me loose
or tighten up the noose

take it from the top
i’m feeling pretty lost
it seems like every second
is another second gone

there isn’t any god
there’s isn’t any h-ll
there isn’t anybody who can
save me from myself

don’t you understand
there wasn’t any plan
everything i did was cause
i needed what i had

i fell into the trap
money in the bag
running for my life
something hit me in the back

doing what i can
i’m dying where i stand
doing what i can
just doing what i can

- kaption текст песни