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Songtext von mr. parker – kardinal offishall lyrics

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mr. parker

all i want bu-bu-bu-bu-bu
all i need bu-bu-bu-bu-bu
all i want a-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu
all i need


(hup, chya)
i’m from a city where the go-getters get that go quick
and get that (guapalae) both money and the chicks
n-body has a monopoly over grindin’, some people pull the chirps out with no rhymin’
they the pushers, (why) have malice though, they smoke everything without touching the chalice though
i tried to give a d-mn ain’t n-body want it though
so i held on to, they took it personal
i lived around crack dealers and preachers, street graduates becoming the teachers
politicians talking they couldn’t reach us, so we becoming the six o’clock features
don’t start at me, “you won’t graduate”, but my life’s good money you can’t tabulate
get that dough quick but hold your head high, a piece ain’t enough we deservin’ the whole pie

dear mr. parker, you made me this monster
cuz what don’t kill me makes me strong
and i decide where i belong
dear miss (myh-llya) got something to tell ya
if they never made you, they can never break through, just remain the real you, you decide your fate

if you can’t take the heat than why you got your hand out
in h-ll’s kitchen the regular never stand out
in high school they told me i wouldn’t be nuttin’, wouldn’t make it out of turf, wouldn’t see nuttin’
it’s all my gang who made up they mind quick, but i would never let the evil in their mind stick
furthermore some of the hoodlums i ran with are doctors and lawyers, trick, i hope you feelin’ it
watching us on television with your daughters, “say cheese girl, wave to your father”
while his life is welcome back carter. i’m at the acc with sean carter
backstage thinkin’ “look at my life now, i done did good got a house in a white town”
just so that whenever them white folks talk, they gotta respect the rapper who bought the whole block


the teachers got the kids from nine to three but we got ’em twenty four / seven in they i-p-o-d
so respect my p-o-v, while i’m fillin’ they ears with love that’s all me
see my driver in the fancy car, that’s all me, but it is only a fraction of who i be
never leave my common sense like no i-d, what my daddy taught me got me into v-i-p

[chorus x2]

- kardinal offishall текст песни