17th living – kartel17 текст песни

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[intro: kwizzy, tiny]
i just wanna make this money
but these n*ggas won’t stay in their place
open the door, it’s the police
i’m a walking k, sammy on me, walk all the time i lay
pa beats
when you mention packs
lemme tell you about 17th living
all of my n*ggas straight packs that’s pyrex bowls in the kitchen
i just wanna make this money
but these n*ggas won’t stay in their place
i’m a walking k

[verse 1: wetemup]
samurai long like my leg
if i aim at your chest just know you ain’t breathing (dead)
feds on my back, don’t look back
told the driver “start speeding” (let’s go)
don’t throw it out the window keep it (keep it)
in the whip, you know we need it (need it)
r.i.p mo, the pain i still feel it (r.i.p)
why you think we move like demons (demons)
back out my splash and splash him, (yo)
he thought he was linking his b*tch
but then he saw me, i’m a catfish, (peekaboo)
and every time we ride on the opps
the aim is to turn man cabbage
i do it on my ones i’m a savage (one’er)
this grub that i got is far from average
nine out of ten i’m a bad b*tch (leng)
ride that letter and stamp it, (free him up)
free all my guys from the landing (free him up)
opp block doing up vamping
get smoked, man where you’re standing (get smoked)
the way bro scored that goal
you woulda thought that he plays for dulwich hamlets (perfect)
excellent finish, alexis sanchéz, (woo)
finesse that bank and bank it (finesse)
and bro already aimed at his head
why do you think that his head is damaged, (bro)
i just done 5 on a day on basics
and all now my head ain’t damaged (no way)
juice got spilt in the shop
when he saw lenny and kay he panicked, (juice)
he thought bossman was gonna save him, but
bossman watched him get savaged (yah)
[verse 2: kwizzy]
opp block touring, nuttin’ but shanks and waps, (wetters)
don’t think you can run from this blade
if man catch up you’ll get chinged in your back (ching)
we just took an l in a dinger
but it ain’t nuttin’, still pattern the cab, (ay bossman)
opp block way too hot like ends
have bros dashing his shank
all i wanna do is trap, (trap)
i don’t do no banking scams
man straight trap get cash in hands, (i do)
i stepped on your block with ish
n*ggas know that’s a violent man (gang)
i don’t know why they keep talking about tiny
next day suttin’ got splashed, (splash)
try come to my block are you mad
call me a cabby, i’m in the passy make the driver go slow (go slow)
man’s out for a vengeance till suttin’s soaked
trust, i ain’t going back home (where they at)
hold on wait, let’s get this straight
dem man don’t chill on their block past eight
trust, they know it ain’t safe (it ain’t)
long, large samurai sword, won’t do no mma (large ones)
don’t think you can hide in the whip, drag man out like gta (ay come ‘ere)
opp keep adding a k on my block
but i am the only k (k1)
this beef won’t dead no way
until they’re dead, that’s the only way
[verse 3: tiny]
i got a tug in the back saying r.i.p
but this fl!ck said c.i.d, (gang)
sh*t den, sh*t, what turn ic3 (sh*t den)
so now i gotta dash from d
see blue lights gotta swirve and skeet (dash)
bad b wanna take this jeet from a fat guy
tell her come hold this meat, (come hold it)
wait tell her come hold this heat
hold that one, lockdown your drum (you’re lucky)
are you f*cking dumb, we ride on punks
browning’s where i’m from
came out of the slum, sh*t got real, had to buy some guns (invest)
i want freedom for all of my tugs, like, f*ck the judge free them up
like, f*ck the judge free them up
broad day, mloose, ld and trumpz
intent, fresh home, jloud fresh home let’s have some fun (let’s party)
get round tryna get sh*t done
but it’s sad when you lurk and don’t see no one (where they at)
no drop tryna find someone, like
tryna find someone’s son (where they at?)
where f*ck they hiding, (where they hiding?)
how many times did we do two l’s on their block
got me tired of riding (two l’s)
how many times have i scr*ped that pot, (scr*ping)
lost out cah’ the grams was hiding
my young boy had to show him and guide him
hit that block for a month
don’t come back and tell your mum stop whining
[verse 4: kwizzy]
don’t lack, (don’t lack)
stay awoke cah’ you might get shaved (stay awoke)
and if it weren’t done by me and ish then it was definitely j, (that’s gang)
i gotta show love to my circle gs (that’s gang)
they got down shh that day
and there ain’t no sitting on fences
see an opps friend i’mma back my blade

[verse 5: tiny]
i done 28 days in the trap, (trapmash)
i done 28 days no cap, (no cap)
long time that i never had a runner with me
had to go with my ass in the trap
i lost p’s and i really got trapped
it got tougher with the rocks and stacks, (racks)
had to tell him “go hit that trap”
’cause he owes p’s and i need that back (need that back)

[outro: kwizzy, tiny]
i just wanna make this money, (cash)
but these n*ggas won’t stay in their place (they won’t)
i’m a walking k
sammy on me, walk all the time i lay
when you mention packs
lemme tell you about 17th living, (living)
all of my n*ggas flip packs that’s pyrex bowls in the kitchen (whip)

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