24 hour movie – kaz moon текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
people try its the first thing they do
only difference it happens to you
only makes sense when speaking to you
but it got away

my goals
you’re not a part of my goal

[verse 2]
people die its a thing that they do
end the year without us in a room
must be digging the ground oh i do, i do

my goals
you’re not a part of my goals

don’t take a lot to beat me, beat me
our twenty*four hour movie, movie
i’ll play my role in safety, safety
you play your role safety, safety

[verse 3]
but there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do (do, do)
between us we don’t care for thе truth
too much talking, too much of the rules (rules)
wе always obey (rules)
my goal

and now that you see, you see
our twenty*four hour movie, movie
our plan was to get more sleep, more sleep
our plan was to get more sleep, more sleep

stuck in that phase (phase)
you are the change (change)
i feel your pain (da*da*da*daa)
but it doesn’t pay
to lie about it
all though the day (lie)

my goals, oh*oh*oh*oh

learn to keep my mouth shut
worse is things to say
learned it from myself, learned it from myself

- kaz moon текст песни