31 days – kevin moropa текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

it’s kinda hard
kicking out the habits
it’s kinda hard

verse 1

yo it’s the 31st day
meeting with the aa
still feels like things didn’t really change
craving for the bombay
can get some shots, ey
what’s your name?
you really looking s*xy
a bottle of whisky
could fix me
and i ain’t tripping
just shape shifting
vibe uplifting
when you knocking off?
i could buy you a drink
and stay connected
paint the town red
like your lips on my lips
i’m lifting up a bottle
like i’m holding up your hips

we could stand the whole night
while i am kicking out my habits

( it’s kinda hard kicking out the habits cos you always go back, you always go back… like… like… like.. .it’s like)

verse 2

back to square 1
thinking about my life
all the moves i gotta make
opportunities to take
overtaking all the fake
accepting all mistakes
man i gotta be great
hold the faith
it ain’t no beef
but a lot is at steak(stake)
back to square one with em 31 one
31 days of kicking out the habits…

- kevin moropa текст песни