late night automatic – kevin rudolf текст песни

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“late night automatic”
(feat. three 6 mafia)

she’s my
late night automatic
one call automatic
now she’s coming automatic

[three 6 mafia]
we in the club
we on patrol
we and the beat
i’ll beat your wrong
like michael phelps it me on the bar
callin on the phone
it was me on phone
i try to get with her
we said we would lick her
try to be coming down with all
these tears
yea she’s the one that can make her boody wiggle
she’s from pittsburg and her body as a wuna

love me a girl who can deal with this here
make it walk
make it ride
make it drive
make it dance
make it move from your hair
bring it down to the floor
take a shot
drink a beer

on the weight on my car
and make them jog
on the roof
on the roof
on the peer
on the wall
like dance dance
like a dog she’s a fiend
like a doll

[chorus (2x)]

[three 6 mafia]

[chorus (2x)]

she stay’s home
and theirs nothin in all
she waits till i here the baby
then it’s on
and she’s not a shamed
to be their for the child
and she’s my late night
call her my late night

[chorus (2x)]


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