2021 – kevo muney текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

b*tch i tried to show you love
stabbed me in my back. (stabbed me in the back)
now i’m far gone. (now i’m far gone)
ain’t no coming back from that. (ain’t no coming back)
getting to the money, (to the money) getting to the bag. (to the bag)
the reason n*ggas hate me
i know these n*ggas mad (i know the n*ggas hate me)
but i don’t care
they can’t do nothing bout it
can’t do nothing but pout about it
b*tch i was born in two thousand
now it’s time to focus on commas
n*gga stop thrusting these hoes
cause that b*tch everybody woman
that b*tch everybody lady
she a one night only
n*gga ain’t cuffing no hoe
but if she finе, that’s a bonus

money money money
citch that’s what thеy call me
diamonds wet like a swimming pool
come swim in ten feet
smoking dope and sipping hen
got a n*gga thinking deep
lord know i love my momma
i love my sister britney
huh first i went to houston
like i’m whitney
then i went to johnny and spent a fifty
my lil b*tch eat the d*ck off the body
she’ll make you cum in a minute

- kevo muney текст песни