19 spirits – khari .banks текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

okay bheka!
bathi ilokishi, itarven dala bavula
zonke izinto z’hamba right, i’m paul kruger
they k!ll our women we stop and stare
economy crisis is a issue
but i’m with a tissue
crying for all this women being k!lled
un’phenduli, y’all busy with money drills
how y’all look at your women daily
people tryna start a family
blame me
a point where we in it for everything
don’t you ever forget we ain’t got nothing
isgubhu, abo cheri , impilo yama banker

ekaya ang’tipi, ubafo impipi
(why? why?)
izinja zikuluphela
(why die?)
izinja ziyaphumelela

[verse 2]
1*9 spirits was meant to be
came pain lingering
bottle filled with love i start lumbering
bafanas sebenza
to get where your ‘rents are
but you gotta elevate that standard
kuya banda, thata is’lamba sakho
i got my bros telling me everyday
do it better than yesterday
parents have it all and done it all
do it better and prove them wrong
8ta daar zwapa bayazi
ukhari wa mandiya
abo jakalas on streams don’t know what they in it for
you get my oldie gs doing wrong but don’t wanna interfere
bathi the only time you’ll realize you don’t need anyone
is the moment you don’t have anyone
another date in the books
no any other hook
bathi ilokishi, itarven
ilokishi, isuburb

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