18+ – kid vroward текст песни

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b*tch im incredible
i am incredible
deep in her guts
and she screamin high decibel
f*ck on her period
b*tch not no decimal
claim dat u wit it
but you are not credible
wait come on get out of my face
b*tch get the f*ck out my way
get wit yo ass everyday like wait
i get it i get it
chasin a bag and i chase a tiddie
nvm tiddie its coming wit it
i luv when my girl tiddie itty bitty
tiddie itty bittie
that b*tch she f*ck me like battle
dat b*tch gon run me like saddle
make her leg shake like rattle
she tell her friends like tattle
never f*ck with kids
like kidsinn did
kidsinn did what he did
if you dont like it f*ckin suck my d*ck
talkin sh*t on my sh*t
ya act is pretty f*ckin sick
like ya still f*ckin other kids
i bet that f*ckin up the kids
i know u know im talkin sh*t

- kid vroward текст песни