10% soup – kidboy band текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

every now and then i think too much
i’m an idiot, oh man i hate myself
sometimes i pretend that it’s not that bad
and the memories come flooding back

i’m dumb
i’m sad
and i miss you
and i’m tired
i’m so tired, yeah

every now and then i tell myself
i’ve been [?] but it’s not that easy
think about you when i see something funny
on the internet
yeah that reminds me

i’m dumb
i’m sad
and i miss you
and i’m tired
i’m so tired
i’m having to learn

and i know we don’t talk no more
but i got something to say
that i’m sorry
so sorry
that i threw it away
i threw it away

- kidboy band текст песни