hear this – kierra “kiki” sheard текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i know i’ve said to you over and over
i’m going to get it together sooner or later.
you told me i had to do something so when i said i’ll do better. (oo yeah)
and you even said if you do this i’ll do that.
and i told you i was moving on and i was right back in my situation which led me to complications.

oooh i know, i know.

i know. i know. i made a promise. it may have seemed like jiberish.
please hear this. lord, i’m relentless.

(o lord please.)
hear this. (please)
hear this. (please)
hear this. (oh please)
oh hear this.
hear this. (yeah)
lord, i’m relentless.

i’ve even said, “please, never leave me!”
and i meant that seriously, lord, accept my plea. (yeah)
lord, i’m crying out to you. (oooh)
because without you i don’t know what i would doooo.
and i know.


lord i’m sorry for
for the things that i’ve done
for the disappointments
and for my disobedience
ooh i’m sorry lord.
oh lord
please forgive me
never leave me
cause i made mistakes and i know that you’re the only way.

and i know.


[more ad libbing and chorus continues]

- kierra kiki sheard текст песни