2a – king 810 текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

power bad
not the power i have
business bad
wait big business bad
money bad
not money i have
rich is bad
hold on i’m not rich man

“man is an unnatural animal”

see know feel hear everything through search engine
don’t use the freedom you have want more freedom ?

we the people

drugs are bad
boose is good
crackhead bad
wait cocaine good
dealer bad
big pharma good
weed is bad
wait weed now good?
war on drugs now war on human trafficking
war on anything we can cuz cash is king

oh i don’t know if there’s no war man will create a war in peacetime
pretty little skin won’t you let me in
i lied to you oncе i won’t do it again
i saw you in a field with your sundress
i field drеssed you after we spoke of civil unrest
pretty little skin won’t you let me in
none of this matters i don’t care about them
i had picked the lock with your hairpin trigger
we draped ourselves in jewelry like nubians and we sinned

color bad
not the color i am
class is bad
wait upper class is bad
racist bad
not the racism i have
us vs them
hold on i’m not them man

- king 810 текст песни