2020 – king deo текст песни

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hold your head up never lay down
you been through a lot pain now
lost my brother metro watching over me
when they tried to take gbuck it almost k!lled me
my mama too strong always motivating me
smile through the pain god please be set her free
one day she’ll be living good living lavishly
i smoke too much cause its f*cking numbing me
my daddy left me man i ain’t have no where to go
like how you could you be so selfish you would go leave me alone
why would you lie up in my face and say and you coming back home
anger management had me changing mood swing
heartbreak made love feel like a newsense
why say you love me then go and act 2 faced
call it karma for my past and my all my rude ways
i was angry man had a lot of sh*t to say
but you a human you ain’t perfect you ain’t ‘spose be
but you perfect in my eyes so come girl come close me
i done walked them roads late night all alone
seeing junkies pick up drugs up off the floo
seeing mamas cry tears rushing to the door
just to hear that they own kid ain’t coming home
this the life of a kid from the trenches
this the life of a kid from the trenches

hold your head up, lil n*gga never lay down (8x)

- king deo текст песни