0 to 100 (kelzmix) – king kelz текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

part i: 0 to 100

0-100, homie, real quick
i still ride with the squad like a field trip
0-100, homie, real quick
philly kid gettin cash like will smith

[verse 1]
evidently k!llin’ with words i speak out
perfectin’ my craft week in and week out
still you steppin’ in this like i can’t freestyle
i am not a dentist but can knock t–th out
with the punchlines i got, takin’ down pac-man
money and music is what show up in my cat scan
look at kelz, don’t try to battle that man
when i give the signal, hittas ride out like batman
shoutout to the people who want me to lose
all i do is win like it’s something i cannot choose
shout out to the haters watchin’ every move
you say that you hate me, but obsess with what i do
i mean oh lord, so who really lyin’ here?
which one of us actually got the giant pair?
and the courage to rap tracks that’s all true
the bar is set, i’m tryna p-ss it like law school
tryna get the highest honors real quick
i came from violence, still i bring the knowledge
so bishop to obama, homie, real quick
i’ve decided i’ll address the problems
of the black community constantly lacking unity
all the men want, is women, riches, and jewelry
all the ladies talk about is reality shows and newer weave
we gotta prioritize startin with you and me
uh, lemme get back to the braggin’ though
and how you need more smoke and mirrors than magic shows
i be in the hood like a vehicle
and mere caught a body ’bout a week ago
who my age is steppin’ to me lyrically?
cause i ain’t no joke, word to eric b
and rakim from hip-hop’s golden age
all this wack music came and stole the stage
what’s goin’ on? word to marvin g-ye
use the music to inspire once everyday
otherwise, you other guys, i’m sorry to say
i can’t even hear you like a game of charades
yeah, you sound dope, but are you honestly a leader?
do you ever offer up that knowledge people seekin’?
i spit facts all the time, and the rhymes are g*nius
all i got is hot ish, like chronic diarrhea
of the mouth, the villain is in the house
i’ll still flow if the city gets in a drought
i’m lackin’ in cheddar now, sorta like a plain steak
i flow uncontrollably, like a water main break
i work hard, i play harder
racks, i’d like to see 5, no dwayne carter
kelz the villain, yeah he not a plain author
i ill-strate in the illest way imma great baller

i go 0 to 100, homie, real quick
i still ride with the squad like a field trip
0 to 100, homie, real quick
philly kid gettin cash like will smith

real quick
whole squad on that real ish
yeah, aha, aha, real quick
kelz the villain k!llin’ all this

part ii: the catch up

whole squad on that real ish

to spread the word, i know i got work to do
it’ll better society, bruh, this work for you
how do you get a drive that you’ll never lose?
make a message, spread it, and make it personal
i know just what i have to do after this
wake up these soulless people like lazarus
the public comes to mind when it rock my battleship
i still get the word out like evangelists
how am i supposed to best the guys that will all know?
when the rappers i’ve never heard of are selling out shows
it isn’t that they’re positive or show rap greatness
they just got better exposure, they’re more famous
meanwhile, my great words go unrecognized
“if he just heard gold, he would’ve stayed alive
“if she heard your nosetalgia, she wouldn’t move bricks
“she went from dora to griselda, kelz, too quick”
if the positive energy that got into me
ever gets the ability to give somebody liberty
from the sickness or iniquity that hurt their self
i could rest in peace knowing that i actually helped
cause the rap game put villains before my eyes
i decided to be a hero, villain is my disguise
that’ll draw the rap fanatics and when they finally listen
how to be bad is the only thing that is explicit
makin’ musical motivation for the generation
to help them dream again and turn into their aspiration
that’s the goal and mission statement of my operation
imma push the vibe even from the bas-m-nt
some artists are also trying to lead the nation
but not who most think are the best up now
i need a radio station to help me get more discovered
with all the strength i mustered, imma catch up now

for real
for real
i need you to help me if imma help you
that’s all there is to it

- king kelz текст песни