3,000_flcl – king noface текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
take it way back when
school didn’t matter, on our laid back sh*t
a story of a young boy, deployed in black mist
he has no choice but to combat this, yuh
we wanna live forever like katamari
mature and endure, the times we didn’t wanna say sorry
listenin’ to andre 3k on the porch of a party
still chasin’ skirts, flirting to girls who didn’t want me
erase plenty memories when she didn’t want me
pray for rainy days please keep ’em coming
godspeed at the top speed so tell god i’m coming
lost keys won’t stop me
i bust down doors before i turn to running
i ate what i was given, but i want yours i want more, i’m hungry
if you truly love me i wouldn’t have to go hunting
now you gone, chase shadows, i need to chase something
huh, lovely
cupid shot a fool whose only intentions were loving
reverse effects, see what happens next, it’s disgusting
looking at past texts, he feels his phone buzz, it’s nothing
run up on a numb boy, and you will do the running
i’m tryna make sense of everything
but just end up more confused
i don’t know what to do
why i always try so hard?
my angels were suppose to protect me, evangelion
but just end up more confused
man, i don’t know what to do
why i always try so f*ckin’ hard
my angels were suppose to protect me, evangelion

[verse 2]
summon unspeakable sh*t, uh, fooly cooly
i’m shootin’ my shot just like i direct movies
you just a fake b*tch, n0body you foolin’
stay in your lane, do your thing ‘for i lose it
i’m up with a cup, filled up, and i’m droolin’
my uzi is oozin’ so you betta’ get to movin’
i don’t wanna hurt you, but i will if you stupid
the truth yeah it hurts b*tch, it never is soothing
smooth with the blue hunnids
move like a criminal, but ain’t do nothin’
i’m not gettin’ caught, run away from the cops
f*ck 12, bust sh*lls, right out the glock
in the night i get lost
i think about doin’ it, b*tch i might
show up to school and i’m high as a kite
out of my mind like i smile and cry
same time face all covered in ice
try me get flipped like a light
try me, you won’t get to try
read your mind, now you dyin’ tonight
fled from the crime, with my mind on the sky
i run it up, never f*ck it up till i die
try me, your psyche is likely to be beside me
high skydiving so i see
all of the bullsh*t that you pull behind me
you got me f*cked up i’m not even lying
the f*ck do you mean that i’m not even tryin’?
i done f*ckin’ told you i’m not even trying
come on b*tch try me, yuh
i said come on b*tch try me, watchu think this is

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