007 – king ulysses текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
man of mystery
mary kate and ashley
trying to b on dis d
20*20 oh i see
so pardon me if i got some things wrong
always tryna run past em, triathlon [whoosh]
building rhymes just like i’m a sound architect
king, not a prince, still need a red corvette [i do]
mile high club get some checks on the jet
cards on the table while i’m placing my bets
i’m all in
i’m balling like spalding [swish]
and everyone calling
these rappers
they fallen
it’s straight to the vault then
these lyrics appalling [oof]
but my rhymes enthralling
vision in my head and now i’m drawing [go!]
seven zeros on the check
coming up next
undoubtedly the best
need that aston martin flex [that’s right!]
see i’m the greatest alive
when i hop on the beat
i pick a different day to die

[verse 2]
always tryna outshine
never getting out rhymed
must’ve seen the midas touch
cause i got the golden eye
fly through this life
yeah man i glide
into those dms
i’m just tryna slide [yup!]
apple a day
saying no to the doctor
who is this now?
can’t refuse his offer
of whips in the lot
with a few helic*ops
spectre of luxury
the coupe d’état
cause i’ve been shaken, stirred up all around
sipping dry martinis ‘til these bars dried out
mi6 called and they just sent the route
set off in my jet i’m about to fly out [yeah]
crowned the king down in the casino royale
espionage abilities amaze and astound
always keep it high stakes every single round
wager seven zeroes, take the bank account [have it]
feeling like neo i know i’m the one [keanu reeves!]
license to k!ll, and i leave you stunned
got your base hit boom!, it’s a home run [run!]
so go a round with me and my golden gun

- king ulysses текст песни