jay maine – kings freestyle текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

westside cash sh-t
take it back to texas yea im ballin like a maverick
talking like they got it imma pull up let em have it
hating cause im on yea they sh-t is very average

take a flight to la on the plane wit a bad b-tch
fashion nova jeans take a hour make her -ss fit
we be getting money we be stacking up our cash b-tch
get the gucci luggage then we gotta do the dash b-tch

balling is a habit
riding through the hills blowing fire like a dragon
chilling in the back im rolling flavors in that wagon
thottie on my phone im finna play her like its madden

hoes always cappin
all my n-ggas got it we gon pull up get to blasting
like the way we drip so we gon pull up get to splashing
like the way we drip so we gon pull up get to splashing


pull up get to splashing
drip everlasting
big bag cashing
all this money stacking
where yo money? lacking
spitting game and macin
cookies what im packing

you know i ain’t p-ssing
gas beat the dragon
up and now im backing
eating boy you fasting

getting too the gwuap
imma stay on top b-tch
boolin on the bloc b-tch
b-tch im piped up in the spot sippin wock b-tch
i dont need no slop especially not from no thot b-tch
f-ck around get popped b-tch
work em with the chopstick
clean em with the mopstick
what you on? not sh-t
winning non stop sh-t
getting bands slanging dope
why yo mans alway broke?
you like saiyan boy im sho
drop his hand b-tch im woke
off the xanz f-ck the co
gucci pants loui lofes
not no mo
all you n-ggas f-ckin jokes b-tch

- kings freestyle текст песни