100 till asiey3 – kinpee текст песни

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ogya kɛseɛ bi reba
beatboy soda
oseikrom abranteɛ

i’m from the city where we celebrate our dead
sat*rday awia wobehu yɛn n’ahwe yɛn black and red
hear the rhythm of the pounding fufuo bi bɛk) yɛn square
the city fi give you blues if your cornea no be red
they chatting sh*t but we do sey we no dey hear
until they talk about the king and their kin start to disappear
like a medic with the pedals i came back to make this clear
wo k*m apem aa apem bɛba, wona warriors no dey fear
we were sitting on the fences watching og making moves
learnt the game from the city’s best, s/o to the cue
went into the heart of the city, that be where we saw life
visitations to koo nimo, (he) gave us wisdom for our lives
kasahare channing tatum doing magic on the mic
out here fishing so sey i fi take my whole team down to ike’s
really easy for anybody to hop up onto the mic
got it looking like, karaoke sat*rday at ike’s

keep it hundred till asieyɛ
kick atanfo to the floors
if greatness no be the goal ah what the h*ll you living for?
if winning no be the target what the h*ll you in it for?
if winning no be the target what the h*ll you in it for?

i’m from the city where the real never dey die
the weak never dey survive and the city dey come alive in the night
budofo) sɛ mintah ayɛ ready for fights
kubolor brothers on railway lines searching for nikes
then i for tell my body to bring it back
asɛ drake aa w’akye meek i for k!ll the game back to back
like a slay queen at dinner time, o*m*g i’m about to snap
dexter building a time machine, time to take’em back to rap
no watch on my left but i know sey every time be the right time
optimus no for tell me, every time be my prime time
safety demonstration needed, every time be flight time
reciprocating the sun’s energy in the night time
freemason mentality, i gotta get that brick life
in a circle of doctors, i’m tryna live a sick life
aziz zakari sef no fi make am in this quick life
kwashey boys nti sofo panyin koraa kura swiss knife


year of the return i brought the game home
cut the wrong wire still i can’t blow
classical pieces, k*masi van gogh
man i gave you art for dummies s/o to jayso
mo nka m’akoma ɛnto mo yɛm mu cos the real is back
05 lord kenya in the booth, nana the real is back
paedae freestylin’ on the motorway, the real is back
team of galacticos got my 6 chale how real is that?!

- kinpee текст песни